I Am Bushed

I don’t know about you, but I am bushed, tired, knackered, exhausted whatever you call it, I am it.

After a week of re-doing the front room, when I say re-doing I mean replacing the overly bounced on sofa with a new one, nothing posh, just comfy. I like comfy. I never realised such a change would make the house feel so homey, a few simple changes and suddenly its a nicer place to be.

Then yesterday Hubby had a few teeth taken out under general, however he did manage to tweet his way through the op, yes, how odd?! 

I am now going to spend the weekend doing naff all. Not because I am lazy but because I can and maybe part of me wants to be lazy, just for a few days, I swear!

I really hate being hit with this heaviness and yes I am aware its my own fault, however I have had so much to do and right now Hubs needs to rest (not that he listens to me)

So I we will eat the meals made by my lovely sister, watch rubbish TV and let the kids make a mess, a mess for Monday.

In true MS Mummy style I will also eat huge amounts of jaffa cakes and other stuff that is seen as “bad for you” however I feel I could find at least one of my five a day in each thing, no? 

Is it bedtime yet?………..


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