Its Been A While

So I guess its been a while.

Since I really blogged for me that is.

I do still need it and enjoy it, but my life has been consumed by, well, life?

I might be hiding from emails and I could probably give you a million excuses, but thats all they would be. Excuses.

In my defense however I have started my own online magazine. Erisea. Its been a labour of love, something that started with a friendship between me and Erika. We kind of stumbled into this amazing friendship, the kind where you are scarily alike in the whipping your hair back and forth sense. Where you can hug for the first time and it feel like the millionth time.

Those friendships are hard to find.

So we built Erisea, we launched this week and I can safely say I feel like I am drowning and if I hear the word editorial once more today, I might cry. 

Nevertheless, this is just the start.

I hope to refrain from neglecting my blogs. I miss them, I miss my space to let out my feelings.

My more recently feelings are far more humorous as of late. Something I am particularly proud of.

I guess I really am more than a disease.

So, I have work to do, so I am signing out. Please bear with me. I will be back, however do come over to the magazine, would be nice to see you there 🙂


5 thoughts on “Its Been A While

  1. There is no harm in putting yourself first, especially with regard to your health. You TAKE CARE and take it easy xxx

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