Karcher For Kids?!

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I knew from the off that this was going to a hit in our house as water is was a great loved product in our house,, from muddy puddles to helping grandpa clean the car or making potions in a bucket the girls love it.

So to have their own pressure washer they can use to help grandpa clean his car or clean their own scooter and bikes made them over the moon.

With a lot of children’s toys they don’t either work at all or not in the same way as adult ones, this is not the case with the Karcher pressure washer and from only £19.99 it is a really good toy as well as teaching them about keeping their things clean.

With wellies on and hose pipe connected to the tap we set to work pressure washing everything and anything, even the dogs got a quick wash!!!!!

Its lightweight and easy to carry even for the littlest one from ages 3 upwards it works well enough to clean the foam off the toys or dogs!!! It has two different interchangeable water sprayers one with a fine jet and the other with an open jet.

This is a great gift for a birthday or christmas presents for both girls or boys.

Now, this doesnt have the power that  a normal pressure washer has, but it’s for children, so thats a given. But it is great for little hands.


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