Lalaloopsy Girls Crazy Hair


We are big fans of all things loopsy in our house with both of the girls having lots off different ones. This is the great thing about Lalaloopsy there is a huge range available and they are all based around rag dolls. The dolls all have buttons for eyes and looked like they are stitched together.

They started life as an 12 inch doll each with their own theme this is reflected in the material used and they each have a pet. The area Lalaloopsy tinies which can fit in any girls pockets and range from £5 so pocket money can be used!!!! They recently released Lalaloopsy Girls which is are a huge range of the dolls all with their own themes and stories who go to their academy for learning arts. Each one is designed around anything from baking to pirates There is a range of accessories available like remote controlled cars and scooters.

The new range of Lalaloopsy girls to hit the shops are crazy hair ones we had jewel sparkle to review. She is sewn from a real princesses dress and she is always ready for the ball. How your hair looks is always important when getting ready and Jewels Sparkles has hair that you can do all sorts with, the hair is bendy so there are lots of different styles that be created from curling to giving it some sparkle with glitter. The hair can go in water too. Comes with extra hair so she can have longer styles if wanted.  Her hair will also change colour when placed in water. This can be done over and over again for hours of fun. Comes with some accessories for the hair too. Available from £24.99.

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