Leapfrog Number Loving Oven

Leapfrog are a much loved and great making of toys that are not only well made and robust, but great in helping your little ones learn through play.

oven leapfrog number loving oven


We have the Number Loving oven to play with, which is great with the littlest going back to playschool for her last year, we love cooking together to in our house and playing kitchens is always a favourite.

The oven requires 3 AAA batteries which are included and from ages 2 years plus. The oven comes with 16 different ingredients and cooking utensils everything that you could want in one box for pretend play from cup cakes and fried eggs to plates and a baking tray all items are well made and well sized for little hands.

The oven has a lovely cheerful voice sing over 30 songs and phrases. Songs about counting, getting ready for cooking washing hands and turning on the oven.  The children move the number slider to learn about temperature and time, The food itself can be cut up to equal pieces to help with maths.

The songs are all cheerful and when the little ones have been playing with it you will all soon be singing the different songs!!  Even the oven door gives you cooking phrases and ones about sharing. You can fry an egg in the pan with real sizzling sounds. The light on the oven will go out when the food is done!!! and its great as all the food and utensils fit inside the oven so can be kept together and tidy.

This are great toy and for your little one and even the adults can have fun with this and pretend play and from only  £19.99 it’s a great product.

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