Leitz Stationary #natsatweek


Who doesn’t like stationary!? Come on now, we all like post it note or a highlighter a label machine, or even just a pencil.  But finding good stationery at a great prices with so much choice on the market is difficult.

At home we are always using some sort of stationary with the girls at school, my writing and Bens drawing, so we jumped at the chance to have a look at some of the Leitz Stationery range. Leitz are innovators in organisation for workplace solutions, they started off as a german printing company, they have produced groundbreaking and award winning products.

The make anything from new accessories for mobile devices for the 21st century to the trusty lever arch file, and not just in a boring black they have a great range of colours so that you can kit out your business office or just your desk at home and you can get all sorts of products in the colour to suit your colour scheme.

The lever arch file was well made and hard plastic which was great and robust, great for being carried in a school bag. The stapler was also the same well made and easy to use, I get through loads of staplers and this one is still going strong and working well.

Their website has a full range of products and is easy to use, you will end up spending a fortune but all the prices are very reasonable, and with everything from staplers to printers you will find everything you need all in one place.


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