A Lucky Week…

So this week has been a good one, yes I said it, you heard me, good. 

I can’t say I am too familiar with this word, this and luck are unbeknown to me normally.

However this week I got some good (I said it again) news.

For a start I am negative, yes I am JC virus negative.

This news means that the likelihood of me having a reaction to tysabri is alot less.

This means there is alot less for me to worry about, well for the next 12 months at least anyway. 

So now I am waiting on my start date for tysabri, to see if I can finally feel better.

In myself I feel pretty average, not good but so-so. Still alot going on in the old brain but I am trying to forget for a while. I needed a week to forget.

So that was my lucky week, getting the result I was looking for!

Oh and also I won a fiver on a scratch card and I never buy those! Go me 🙂

I know it might not seem like a lot but it meant alot to me, to finally here some good news instead of the reams of bad luck I have been having.

I completely expect it to return.

But that’s next week! 

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