Mario Party 10 Wii U Review



Mario Party has made it’s debut on Wii U. What we want to know is, is it any good.

The interactive board game filled with more mini games than sardines you can squeeze into a small tin.

Featuring 13 playable characters including Mushroom Kingdoms bad boy himself Bowser, as a playable character for the first time in the series.

You may have seen from the Nintendo advertisements of Mario Party 10 that, by adding a 5th player to the equation and using the Wii U pad, you can take control of Bowser to cause mayhem and disruption to the other players.

Four characters have been swapped out since Mario party 9 making way for four characters to join the shenanigans. We say goodbye to Birdo, Kooper Trooper, Shy Guy and MagiKoopa… and, hello to Donkey Kong, Rosalina, Spike and Toadette.

*A Wii U Remote Plus is required for this game. However if you still have Wii controllers, they are compatible as long as you have a motion plus adaptor or Wii Remote Plus Controller.

At the games menu you will see these options;

amiibo. Bowser Party. Mario Party.

amiibo Bonus. Bonus Games. Toad’s Room

mario_party_10_cast Utilizing Nintendo’s very own version of Skylanders-esque Figures,        Amiibo, offers a new experience of Content and unlocks. These figures  also not only make great collectables, but are also compatible with other  Wii U titles. Making the most out of Wii U’s newest darlings there is  Amiibo mode board game which is a simpler stripped back board. You  will need an amiibo to unlock this mode, and you will need to use your  amiibo to unlock this feature every time you play Mario Party 10,  however, it will remain unlocked throughout your play time until you exit the game back to the system menu or turn the console off. Certain Amiibo will have their own colour scheme and as there is four sections to the Amiibo board, you can have a mishmash of colour scheme between four different compatible Amiibo.

There is a daily bonus available when you use your Amiibo character, this is in the Amiibo bonus area. You will be rewarded Bonus Mario Party points and receive a scratch card.

 imagesThe game boards in Mario Party 10 are based on Theme parks. When you arrive at one of the rides there is a chance for bonus’s to give you the upper hand, or catch up if your falling behind.

MP10_999 In Bowser Party mode, Bowser stands behind the players looking fierce  and is left behind as players take their turns to roll dice. Bowser is not left  behind for long though as he has his own turn with multiple dice and  starts to make haste as he storms the spaces, tears up the scenery, and is  hot on your trail. The heat is on as it clearly becomes a game of cat and  mouse with some obstacles thrown into the mix. Should Bowser catch up  to the get away car, all players will enter mini game battle mode. Amongst  all the chaos you are still in competition for pole position.

There are 3 board types to choose from and a free play mode.

Mario Party mode is the more traditional style of the Mario Party series, but probably not as harsh to the players as the previous installments. Take it in turns to roll dice, collect coins, lose coins, compete in mini game battles to attempt to secure enough coins and get to the end of the board first to win the game.

There are 4 boards to choose from, free to play, and Coin Challenge, where you compete in mini games to win the most amount of coins to win the game.

images (1)Hidden in the Bonus Games option, is Bowser challenge. By far my favourite part of the game. You take control of Bowser against the computer players. It’s a chance to play and experience the 5 player mode where a player takes control of Bowser when there isn’t 5 players to play with.

Also packed into Bonus Games is 3 different games to play, and a mini game tournament mode.

All the extra content available in the game makes it a very worth while investment, as the main premise of the game itself being focused on the board game can become a little stale.

Multiplayer is key for the most immersive experience and to keep the game feeling fresh and exciting. So get involved with the kids, you won’t regret it and it is a great bonding exercise.

Mario Party 10 is a firm favourite in this household. We love playing the game together and shouting at the Computer players and enemies. It has probably seen the most play time out of all the games we have. We as a family, love this game!

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