Marriage Woes

Now don’t get me wrong I love my husband greatly, he really is the other part of me, I guess its marriage itself that is the hard part.

With the added stress of me having MS, like any other married couple we argue and as I am so, well let say fiery and he tends to use the ‘I’m not saying a word’ approach, arguments often escalate for no reason.

Although I hate arguing and believe me I do, having a massive blow out can often clear the air, kind of like a thunder storm on a hot muggy day.

Sometimes without it things will often bubble under the surface, personally I find this more unhealthy than a good argument. It does make me wonder though, how many arguments are normal? None? Several? Loads?

I am finding that MS puts a huge stress on us as a couple, I find myself being jealous or couples with normal lives, but then I suppose everyone has there issues, I guess ours are just very raw and new for us both.

Talking of MS, I have had a few bad days recently. Got a bad back, which does nothing but make me angry, also vertigo? What is with vertigo? It really does remind me of being a child and spending too long on a roundabout.

Back to the topic at hand, marriage, it may have to be one of the best, worst, fun, challenging things I have ever done. I don’t think anyone really has a happy ever after.

Although Hubby drives me insane and makes me cry, shout and be vile, I still love him, in-fact I still find myself loving him more and more everyday.

I just hope he is as determined as me to do this together, as a family.

3 thoughts on “Marriage Woes

  1. Ha, I could have written this!! Mine drives me mad too and we seem to have blazing rows far more often these days – money stress mainly to blame – but I still love him more and more every day! I have a sneaky feling we may be in healthy normal marriages!! x

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