Minky Free standing Rotary Airer

airer minky

With the great British weather being what it is then the struggle of getting the washing dry is always an issue.  There is nothing like air dried washing rather than the dyer and it saves on electricity. This Minky Airer is a great little feature in our house now. It is a free standing collapsible dryer that will hold an average load of washing.

There is no drill or assembly required it simple folds out when you need it and is compact enough to be put in the bottom of a cupboard for storage when it is not needed. It is so small when down it is ideal to take on a camping or caravanning holiday, to dry these wet clothes and towels.

You can have it up inside in a flat or apartment or on a balcony or patio so you are still able to dry your washing naturally. There is no wash line getting in the way of the children playing or the man next door is having a bonfire then you can still dry your washing inside on a washline. It has 3 hooks to keep it in place when it is outside, it was very strudy when the washing was on it too.

From around £30 it is a great little buy.

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