New To MS? My Advice To You…

It dawned on me the other day, people who have just been diagnosed with MS will read my blog. People who are fresh from the neurology office, have come home and reached for google, much like I did. 

That freaks me out.

Not in the stalkerish kind of way, no, in the ‘those poor people’ kind of way.

I really hope opening up my world of MS does not leave anyone freaking out and running for the hills?!

If you have found me and you have just been diagnosed then please, feel free to read but please remember, I am but one person with this disease and we don’t all feel it in the same way. 

My advice?

Well there are people out there who preach about cures and diet and positive shit, however I am really that not kind of person and  cannot for the life of me find a positive, I am the kind of person who is honest and open and I use this blog as my therapy. 

One lovely girl on twitter tweeted me last week, she had been diagnosed and said so far, finding me was the only good thing. It made me smile and was something I will keep with me, it made me see maybe people will find my inane ramblings useful.

If I could give any advice for someone starting this journey, it would be time. Time for it to sink in, time to get your head together and make sense of this new life. I won’t lie, its horrible and painful and at times lonely, good god I am nowhere near getting to grips with it or myself. However talking to people and writing it down has helped me let go of some things.

MS is hard, but then so is life..

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