Multiple Sclerosis 3

Dear MS,

It has been a while since we last spoke, I felt now might be the time to tell you, I am going to fight back.

The last time you attacked reminded me of just how much of a cruel bastard you are.

It reminded me I am not alone and I never will be.

See MS people cannot see you, only I can feel you, you seem to delight in making me look like a helpless fool.

I rely on medication to survive and still I feel like a complete failure.

I have known you for a year, I have not accepted you, I will not accept you, however I will do what I can to slow you down.

MS some days I wake up and feel like you are in control. I feel like a useless wife and a fake of a mother, do how know how that feels MS?

The constant pain is almost numbed by my depression, however when I try and push on, you never fail to remind me, I am not alone.

Please don’t take my legs. Leave them for now, so I can enjoy the girls.

So MS this is the beginning of me facing you head on.

I am tired of feeling helpless and tired of feeling my girls ┬ádon’t need me.

Until next time.

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