This Mummy’s Potty Training Tips

The humble potty…



Yup, that’s right, its mocking you. 

It is the incredibly intrepid mountain we all must climb at some stage, whether it be for ourself of our little sods darlings.

Okay so I know we all are amazing and because we are mums we know everything, however sometimes we need to regroup and try things from a different angle.

Now I still have one sod darling left to potty train and that scares the shit outta me, however I will endeavour to follow my own advice and learn from my mistakes.

Although my method is not ‘the way’ it was my way and it worked for me, it was simple, easy and fast so I decided to share. I am kind.

What was my method? Well, it was to take that little bastard, the potty not the child, into the front room (or room of choice) and place it in the middle of the room for all to see and wait.

Yup, I tried charts, I tried putting her on every 20 mins, I tried bribery and I tried weeing on there myself, however my little madam will not be told, so I decided to hell with it and let her do it at her own pace in her own time.

Lazy? No, SMART! She was having none of my ‘wow look at this’ bullshit. It was a waste of energy and the continuous fighting was boring.

It might sound crazy but it worked. She took the plunge when she was ready and it was successful. It was there when she needed it. You might think they are ready but at the end of the day only they know. Besides, how many 14 year olds do you see in nappies?! 

So if you are thinking of potty training or failing miserably then stop, regroup and let it be 🙂

Your welcome 🙂

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