My 2016 Dreams

Everyone does the whole new years resolution thing and although me and Ben are trying to eat better, we haven’t really made any. But for myself, I have some goals, hopes, dreams whatever you wish to call them.

Firstly I want to be comfortable on a treatment. I am starting a new treatment in a matter of days and I hope this will be the one. But if it’s not, instead of living with it for several years, I will push to find something that suits me.

I need something because I am feeling the chronic tiredness something CHRONIC. 😉

Secondly, I want to finish my therapy and be happy about it. So many people who have therapy don’t talk about it. When you say the phrase “I learnt in therapy” it does make you sound fairly insane. But it shouldn’t. I’m not insane. I’m learning how to cope with something huge. My whole life and body has changed so dramatically over the last five years. I need help to learn new ways to deal with life. And that’s okay.

But I am coming to a point where I feel so empowered when I come out, that I am hoping it means I am close to fixing what needs to be fixed.

Next, I have done a pretty good job of being there this last year. I shut the computer and spent the year concentrating on my family. It felt good. I want to carry that on. I am bad at picking up my phone when I’m bored, but I am trying to put it down and live.

Lastly, I want to build my Youtube channel. I love Youtube. Whether watching videos or making them. It’s just awesome. I have so much to learn, but I want to do it. I want to connect with more people online. I love the community over there, its all warm and cuddly. I hope for my channel to have 2500 subscribers by 2017.

I want my channel to be about everything and anything. My goal is to build this channel and have it become part of my life.

So they are my 2016 dreams. Feel free to leave yours below and we can all join in with the journey.

Watch this space 🙂

4 thoughts on “My 2016 Dreams

  1. Oh I do so hope that you find a treatment that works well for you!! I’ll be keeping everything crossed!

    My word for this year is Healing. After surgery right at the end of last year and the surgeon trying to suggest my symptoms are IBS rather than Endo (because he only found a bit of it this time round) and a gastroenterologist saying he thinks my IBS issues may be related to the Hypermobility, I am feeling utterly frustrated! I was diagnosed with that at 17 but never told a thing about it, but it does seem it could be behind a lot of my symptoms after all, so I guess it’s back to the Dr for a referral to someone else now *sigh*

    In the meantime I am healing myself as best I can – watching the food I eat, doing gentle yoga or meditation each day, and (the big one) stepping away from The Family Patch which for all its wonderfulness holds so many bad memories of some very difficult years. I am now writing at and focusing on what makes me happy as that has got to help with the healing 🙂

    Tim is also focusing on this, after one of his worst years to date. So together, hopefully, we’ll get there. And I hope that you do too, I cannot tell you how much I wish that for you xx

    1. Sending you so much love. You do what you have to do. I am so glad you were finally able to have the op. Always thinking of you xxx

  2. I empathise with your comment ‘My whole life and body has changed so dramatically’. I feel i’ve gone someway to accepting my physical limitations but still needing to adjust to how my life has changed. This year it’s declutter the bits that belonged to my working life. I’m finding it very difficult but as each bit goes I feel lifted. This year I also want to begin improving my physical limitations. Thank you for sharing. I found it helpful reading your comments.

    1. Thank you so much. It is hard adjusting to how your body changes. Once you think you have it, something else happens. Just remember that we can have down days and we can enjoy the good days. xx

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