My Little Pony Style & Groom Rainbow Dash

My little pony

My little pony has been around forever I used to be a big fan of them when I was little. Brushing their hair and creating adventures for them to have and they have made a come back today, my 2 love My Little Ponies there are so many different sorts to collect from blind bags and dolls to teddies and castles.

For anyone who is not ofay with My Little Ponies they are plastic ponies with a main and tail that can be brushed and plaited all the ponies have their own colours and cute marks with is a pattern related to their name on there behind names like Apple Jack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie to name but a few,

When we had the chance to review the Style & Groom Rainbow Dash, rainbow dash is a huge favorite in our house along with Fluttershy.  This is a large pony with rainbow hair on a plinth so that your little one is able to brush and style the ponies hair. On the plinth there is space for 30 accessories to be stored.

They can decorate Rainbow Dash with  her own hair brush, stickers, stick on jewels hair clips and accessories to make your pony look amazing. This can be done over and over again so there are many hours of fun to be had. It also includes a charm with Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark.  This is a great gift for ages 3+ and from around £24.99 you will make any little My Little Pony loves Christmas.

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