My Mood Is Lifting!

Well, I have done the hard week.

I have done the stabbing and the drugs and the hideous bus crash feeling and now I am finally feeling relief.

Relief from what I am not sure but I am feeling so much happier in myself. Upping my antidepressants was discussed this week, however I am pleased to say, I do not need to, big smiles all round! 

Of course there are a few things keeping me going, the Husband for all his sins, the sister and most of all my girlys.

Oh and being the Christmas freak I am, my sister kindly put up my decorations, so our beautiful tree has also brought on a smile 🙂

So, for now at least we can enjoy the festive season which is all I want for the girls.

I am finally allowed to feel my version of normal for a while, with my Tysabri infusions due to start on the 18th of this month, I am sure the peace won’t last long, however I will treasure every minute.

Are you ready for the man in red?!

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