My Panty Liner Pickle

You know that itch, the one that’s really uncouth to deal with in public, you know the one?

Yes, that one! 

Well its been plaguing me this last week or so, I assumed I had got some hideous infection, which would be next to impossible, it would run along the same lines as immaculate conception.

So recently after a shopping trip with my sister, to stock up on panty liners, as you do. She informed me they added this new shit to them, makes them smell nice, not that I am into smelling sanitary towels, that’s just wrong. Turns out this new crap is making me itch, its making my already uncomfortable periods even more unbearable and embarrassing,  its not an itch I want to scratch whilst out shopping or dropping my child off at play group. P_003_Ultra-Night

Its just yucky!

I don’t need my pad to look like this:

I don’t need or want it to look nice, its like vomiting over a nice painting, it feels wrong. Plus it makes me itch, which is no fun.

Ergh, always, take out the nice smelling, pearly beady crap and make the whole itch scratch cycle go away. Its the only brand I know does the job, as the other way is just plain uncomfortable after two babies.

Oh our womanly problems, also I am not sorry about the too much information thing, I like it, Ha! 

Anyone else feeling the pinch, or itch?!

6 thoughts on “My Panty Liner Pickle

  1. I know exactly what you mean. The smell doesn’t even smell nice and what on earth are all the swirly blue bits about? Its not going on my wall, I’m not going to sit on the loo for hours admiring it.

    I’ve started using a mooncup (I never found a tampon that didn’t leak) it still leaks at the start, so I have to use towels too, but after that I can avoid them, which means its much cheaper and not so itchy

  2. Nice rant. I couldn’t agree more. I hate Always pads. I have never been able to use them because they make me itch and scratch. It’s awful! Stayfree is the way to go for me!

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