My #TeamHonk Tattoo

So, yesterday was comic relief, the three lovely ladies went to the live show, to be honest I couldn’t think of three better people. 

The blogosphere has pulled together and done some truly funny things for money, from riding 25 miles on a bike (OMG) Finding change down the sofa, cutting hair to climbing Snowdon, as a group, donned in red pants. Amazing. 

This was something I was physically unable to do, which was gutting, so I chose the have a #Teamhonk tattoo to show my support and raise some money for a great cause.

I am sure some people were sceptical, however I am not one to let people down. 

So even after the week we have had, with Hubby getting an infection after his op, I did it, I am now the proud owner of a #TeamHonk Tattoo 🙂 


tattoo 2 tattoo 3 tattoo 4

The tattoo
The tattoo
Finish and I hadn't even brushed my hair :)
Finish and I hadn’t even brushed my hair 🙂

Crazy, well yes, what else do you expect?! Remember you can still sponsor me!

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