Netflix #StreamTeam June

So this month really has been me time. Mainly due to the release of season 2 orange is the new black.


Truth be told, i hadn’t watched series 1, but when I read about it I decided, why not? So I watched. And I was hooked. This is one of the funniest shows I have seen for a while. Loved all the characters, especially Chapman obviously. And just found the whole storyline so gripping.

If you have not seen it yet then firstly, why? Go and watch it, secondly its about the lovely Piper Chapman (above) who has to do time for something that happened two years ago. It follows her prison life and all the dramas she faces. It also tells the story of some of the other inmates along the way.

Its based on a true story, someone actually went through some similar stuff, which makes it more loveable. A fabulous series exclusive to Netflix!

Why not jump over here to see how to make a fabulous cocktail to go with long evenings watching Orange is the new black?!



Remember you can subscribe to Netflix too, its simple, easy and only £5.99 a month! 

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