#Netflixstreamteam September

So, summer is over and here comes the return to school, which means early morning and tired kids. So my personal evening escape is in the forms of films aplenty on Netflix. Personally I am one of those people who like to start watching Christmas films now, Netflix understands this and already has a few good classics to watch, although Snow was a new one to me, but I still loved every minute!


Pops has taken to Netflix at the moment, especially when she wants some quiet time when she gets home. She can take the Ipad upstairs and watch a film without any interruption. Thanks to Netflix I have introduced her to the magic that is the magic roundabout. Not exactly the same, but she loves the CGI series!


Below is a great idea for snacks, especially if you have picky eaters like myself!

Fruit Salad Fun

Ingredients needed
1 watermelon (you can use a pineapple, kiwi or any other fruit you like)
1 star shaped cutter

Step one:

Cut off the skin of the watermelon then divide it into slices

Step Two:

Select the cutter and cut out the star shape


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