Never Be ashamed Of What You Believe In!

I wasn’t going to write a post.

It just causes fights and tension. But the longer the day has gone on, the more upset and demoralised I become.

Today was the EU referendum in the UK. We got our say on whether or not we wanted to stay in the European union.

Somewhere corruption is swept under the carpet, somewhere people from another country, who we didn’t even elect, gets to make decisions on how our country is run.

Being British used to be a good thing. We held onto our values of freedom of speech and equality. We held onto our British sovereignty and it was a thing we were proud of.


Now you’re a bigot, a racist or a fool even?

Now you are thick.

You just flushed our whole future down the pan.

But how do we know that?!

I have seen people say “if you voted leave i’m ashamed. If you voted leave you have destroyed our children’s future. If you voted leave you will be sorry, If you voted leave please remove yourself from my online presence.”

So tell me. Since when has someone who has a different view point been something we have the right to dictate? We all have different opinions. We all saw and read different things. We all had different reasons.

You are basically telling them they are wrong. Wrong for thinking differently and having a vote. Wrong for staying true to their views.

That not only makes you a hypocrite but bigotted too.

We all have the right to vote.

There are no right or wrong answers and if you can’t have these, nice, kind, friends in your life because they don’t think like you, then what does that make you?!

That’s like saying “if you are not a Christian please remove yourself from my timeline.”

Because they, we are different.

I voted leave.

I voted leave because I want my children to be proud to be who they are.

They can still travel freely. With a passport. Which you need anyway. They can still have family and friends within the EU, because leaving doesn’t stop us from being morally united.

Leaving gives us freedom to use our own political process to pass laws. From people who are living in our country.

It gives us a chance to be British and proud. And that’s okay. We can still be a multicultural and diverse nation. Together.

I am not a bigot. I am not a racist and I am not thick. I follow politics. I make informed choices. I also hate Farage and Brexit.

And the fact that other countries are now wanting to leave the EU means the something isn’t right there. Becuase if it was all that, they wouldn’t feel the need to follow suit.

People are regretting voting leave. And the reason why they are is because those who voted IN are spreading hate and forcing opinions on people.

It seems the IN campaigners who shouted the loudest before are still shouting.

And that shouting got them nowhere yesterday.

So before you attack someone. Or call them stupid or thick.

Take a minute and realise we are all people.

We all have different opinions and beliefs.

But what’s done is done. So let’s just band together and make this a good thing. Instead of trying to emotionally attack people into changing their minds and feeling guilty.

We are not all the same. And that is okay.

I am excited for change. I am excited to see what this will offer my children.

And that’s okay.




8 thoughts on “Never Be ashamed Of What You Believe In!

  1. Here, here!!!! I voted to leave because I felt the same as you. I was not going to be pushed or scared into not voting for what I felt was right. I spent most of yesterday shouting at the TV. Start being positive Britain and start being proud to be British. When my parents generation voted for the Eu they didn’t vote for what we have now. It’s gone too far. It’s not about trade anymore and it seems to be all about control. The thought they would even push it so far as to have a centralised army was too scary.
    I am proud to be British and I hope from now on we can start being proud to say it.

    1. Susan, I totally agree. People have said the younger generation’s voice is more important, however, why should we be lead by humans who had no experience of life before the EU?! Yes their voices ARE important. However I trust in the older generation more. They have lived it. They know the score. And I believe they had the best interests of younger people in mind. We CAN do this. Together. I know people don’t like it, however this is what is happening. So let’s do it. x

  2. I think it’s quite brave of you to write this, it can’t have been easy! I think (and this is of course only my point of view) that many remain voters are upset and angry because so much of the Leave campaign was based on lies. And because many have said that if they’d known the truth (which papers like the Mail and Sun only printed AFTER the referendum) they would have voted differently.

    1. I totally agree. I think you have handled it with such grace. We differ on opinions yet we are friends. I agree on that point, however, we really don’t know how much of the remain campaign was lies. I think as a country we can do this. x

  3. THANK YOU CHELSEA! The left crybabies calling everyone a bigot for wanting an anti democratic institution out of the picture in the UK and saying that we are racists for seeing the unsustainable levels of immigration of unskilled people who leach off the system and studies prove it. Now the UK will be the sole responsible for its troubles and success! Where the UK people can shine and not unelected officials.

  4. I completely agree, Hazel – and I voted very much for Remain. It is hypocritical of Remain voters to belittle those who voted the opposite from them and to claim the moral high ground. No one has the moral high ground here. In fact, none of us really knew what we were voting for, we were given a poisoned chalice from which some drank deeply and then drunkenly mouthed off on social media. I wrote about this in one of the two posts I wrote re Brexit. What we need is to stop blaming and start working out how to move forward, starting with listening to each other. Well done for saying what you’re feeling/thinking.

    1. Thank you very much. I this it’s really sad it has come to losing friends and fighting on social media. We all have different opinions. I respect your vote as much as I do my own. Thank you for commenting x

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