Why Ninny Wants To Work With Kurio

So, we are big fans of Kurio, their child safe tablets have evolved into something incredible and Ninny for one would love to put one through its paces.

Now she is getting older she has discovered Youtube. A firm favourite is Cookie swirl, who reviews and features all the new and upcoming toys. Ninny often gets engrossed in a video adventure with the lovely Cookie Swirl, so much so, she has decided she would like to make her own videos.

If anyone has the imagination for it, it’s her.

So she would love to put herself forward to review the Kurio XL tab, for ease of use and ability to take it anywhere with her, for those spur of the moment videos. Plus, as a parent I love the fact it comes with motion games, because neither of my girls ever sit still, so it suits them perfectly.

Ninny wanted to make a little video to tell you why she wants to work with Kurio…

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