Now Lets Clear A Few Things Up…

Now a few weeks back I was subject to some vile, uncalled for bullying  I know who my bully is and to be honest, I cannot but feel sorry for this person. The fact they could be so childish and vindictive is seriously beyond me. 

Now since writing that post, I was left alone, until this weekend, where I was once again subject to bullying.

Publicly being called “sicko in the head” which apart from being just plain illiterate, is just plain rude. 

As well as a few other things, I have decided that enough is enough, I am going to stop this and let the authorities deal with it. My MS nurse was due today (I forgot) she talked me through it, she gave me the support I needed and a very welcome hug.

I want to take this opportunity to speak out and show I have a voice and I am going to keep using it.

I do not write my blog to “seek attention” like the person so eloquently put it, I write it because it helps me let go of, it has helped me turn a corner. It has also reached others who are in a similar situation. I am trying to help people understand this disease and just what people who have it, go through. 

My bully thinks its okay to treat me this way because she has friends in blogging land, she has tarnished their views on me, these views are untrue and down right rude. I wish people had the integrity to make up their own minds, however as usual, the pack mentality is rife. 

I no longer care about their views, I thought I did, however on reflection I realised I don’t need to, they are no-one special and certainly not worth my time.

For someone like me, who questions their existence on a daily basis, this bully has hurt me in ways they will never truly understand, they might sit back and smile, but personally, I would be ashamed. 

I will continue my writing and as ever, fighting with my MS, however I am too tired, too depressed and too disheartened to take it any more. 

Enough is enough.

16 thoughts on “Now Lets Clear A Few Things Up…

  1. Hugs!!
    In my eyes it’s sick that someone can be bullied for having such an awful disease…The bully is the ‘sicko’! I would be so tempted to take screenshots and show them off as the horrible bully they are!….As well as naming and shaming them!…..They should be so ashamed!!
    Don’t let them get to you!! You are worth ten of them!! 🙂 x

    1. Thank you chicken pie 🙂 I dont want to give them the traffic 🙂 I am ptting in the hands of someone who can help. I will continue to write ad keep myself to myself 🙂 x

  2. Surely it’s your blog, you can write whatever you want on it, and if people don’t like it then they don’t have to read it.

    MS is not kind, it’s a thief stealing from you constantly, and we could all learn to be a bit more understanding of the effects it has, both seen and unseen, physical, mental and financial..

  3. I know it’s easy to say but don’t let them get to you, you are worth more. I am a suffer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I know how difficult it is to cope with my disability and I am sure you have to cope with a lot more! It seems to me that there are people in the world that carry on childish school yard behaviour. As you are told as children (and it is right) it is because they are jealous. I am not a sheep and am very proud not to be a sheep. I hope you carry on the fight and carry on the blog. It might kick you down at the moment but I hope you find it in you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on!

    1. I know that for me, fatigue has been a massive thing, so I really feel for you and I believe in some way, the two do compare. Thank you very much for your support 🙂 x

  4. Hugs you are way better than the sad saps who feel the need to be spiteful. I read your blog and love it, you have my attention not that I think you were seeking it. Huggles, hope you get it sorted.

  5. It really annoys me when other people tell people how to use their own personal blog space. I have had a few comments from people who I thought were friends but I know where I have support. Hold your head up and continue to use this space how you choose, we all write for different reasons and as long as we’re not committing crimes, who is anyone else to judge?! Xx

  6. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been subjected to horrible people’s opinions- please font think everyone thinks like this. I love hearing how you’re doing! X

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