Online Friends ARE NOT REAL

This is a post I have been thinking about for a while.

Having a blog online has opened up many things for my family and me. One of the biggest things is friendship. 

My facebook contains mainly people I know online, with only a handful of friends from school.

And I like it that way. Those people get me. I chose those people to see into our lives that little bit more.

A few months ago, some totally narrow-minded fool made the idiotic comment on how my online friends were not real.

They couldn’t possibly be my friends. They don’t care. They are not real. They are not who they say they are.

To that I say, BULLSh*t

Most of the “fake people” I talk to online I have met. I have spent real time with.

In fact, my best most closest friend in the world is someone I met online.

Her family have become a part of mine. We go on trips and visit each other. We talk all day long on facetime. We have the oddest in-jokes known to man. Yes we fight and we disagree but when push comes to shove, we’re family.

I am lucky enough to call some fabulous bloggers my friends. They are supportive, they listen, they care and they can take the world by storm if they need to.

They are people you feel honored to have on your side.  People who have your back when the poo hits the proverbial fan.

I have seen these “fake people” change lives.

Yes, there are some crazy people online who pretend to be someone else, but you can usually pick out those oddballs pretty fast.

I think these friendships formed online are becoming more and more prominent. The internet connects you with people who many not have otherwise known, and that is amazing.

So to anyone who doubts the connections made online are real or important. I feel for you. Being so cut off and cynical must be horrid.

Because me and my best friend do all sorts of awesome…

me and erika





7 thoughts on “Online Friends ARE NOT REAL

  1. This is lovely! I don’t mind being your ‘fake friend’ it is so much fun and makes life more interesting. Narrow minded fools are just not worth the effort.


  2. My online friends are incredibly real, and they’re more like me than the majority of people I could randomly hope to bump into in the street. I even met my partner online 12 years ago and had 2 babies with him -you can’t get more real than that! 😀

  3. a great post! I make the mistake of calling my friends by the labels of ‘online friend’ or ‘real life friend’ but i only use those terms to differentiate how i knew those people in the first place (seeing them face to face first or meeting them in the virtual sphere) but totally agree about just how amazing and supportive the onine world can be and how close you can become to people who you first have met online. x

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