2016 Review & My Goals For 2017

Another year gone.


I feel like this was the fastest year ever. It’s crazy.

so, 2016. I feel like 2016 will be a year that goes down in history for being the worst year ever. The deaths, the politics and the endless fighting, 2016 needs to go and sit in the corner and think about what it has done.

For me personally, it was a year of growth in myself. I’ve learnt how to stay calm in heated situations. I have learnt that family always come first and most importantly I have learnt that I want more for my little family.

More adventures, more fun, more time to be together and to learn from the world around us.

I have learnt that people change, that is life and I am okay with that.

All I can do is try my best and do what is asked of me, even if it wasn’t always well received.

I am proud of who my girls are becoming. They have blossomed at school and they are learning so much and growing as small people. I couldn’t have asked for any more from them. They have made me so incredibly proud and I hope going forward we can nurture that and keep it going.

As far as blogging goes, I am going to be giving it a back seat and concentrate on Youtube. I love the process of filming and making videos, we have so many plans going forward for both my own and the family vlogging channel. So make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a thing 🙂

So all in all 2016 has been a year of personal growth, finding new loves and making sure we enjoy time together.

I can only hope 2017 will see us grow online and at home even more.

Hold on tight people!!!

Extreme Co-Parenting

Something that I have noticed we do these days is extreme co-parenting. It is certainly not your average co-parenting scenario.

I have to say, it’s something I struggled with in psychology. The guilt side of it. The fact I am not the be all and end all of my children’s lives. But is that really healthy?

Apparently, my concerns over this subject were unnecessary.

I think the phrase “it takes a village” came into play. And that phrase has more merit than people give it.

With the way we have to co-parent, it’s literally like the girls are being raised by a village.

Now that’s not to say if you are your child’s be all and end all that’s bad, because it most certainly is not. I envy you if this is you. But it just means that our own situation is not as damaging as I feared it was.

The girls have a network of people who love them dearly. They are never without someone to pick them up when they fall and to applaud when they fly.

Because of this extreme co-parenting, when things are hard at home, they have an escape with my own Mum and sister.

I cannot always be the ever present Mum. The hospital appointments and relapses mean sometimes I simply cannot be there.

But I have to trust the fact they have an army of other people ready to jump in when I am at my worst.

MS is a hard mistress. One who isn’t at all forgiving or thoughtful.

It doesn’t take my children into consideration.

So I have to make sure there are people there for them, the two most important people in my life.

I always feared this set up would somehow take away from me as a mother figure. But with my husband and family, we have made it work. We each play a role. A constant role, which is the most important aspect.

Kids need a constant.

All of us together, Ben, me, my Mum, my Dad, Cherry, and other family are all people who play a real role in the girls lives.

Together we have, so far anyway, shaped two incredibly bright and stable individuals who seem to take everything in their stride.

They don’t know any different.

This is their normal.

My psychologist was right, it does take a village sometimes, and it’s okay for me to be thankful for that.


3 Reasons We Won’t Be Taking Part In Halloween

It’s that time of year again. All hallows eve. A reason to dress up in some horrific costume and run wild on the streets.

Now I would normally partake in all the shenangins, as would the girls, however, this year it’s different.

This year it has been well and truly ruined.

So I give you, my top three reasons we are not taking part in Halloween.

NUMBER 1: General trust amongst other human beans. It’s true. A year of heartache across the world, with people killing each other for no reason at all but to make a statement. The trust has all melted away leaving people not even passing out a smiley hello or thank you.

We literally just keep to ourselves, ignoring what the rest of the world is doing in hopes we can lead a normal, stranger free life.

It’s sad really when you think about it. Communities are few and far between and even then people are second guessing and keeping their guards well and truly up. 

NUMBER 2: The kids go to a C of E school. So Halloween isn’t something they partake in, so the girls haven’t really been caught up in any of the hype. It has been more about harvest and giving back to others.

Something they have both done really well.

So it’s not really been on the forefront of their minds meaning I haven’t had to hear about it every few minutes.

NUMBER 3: Probably the biggest reason we won’t be taking part is the killer clowns. Now this is ridiculous. My children shouldn’t have to be sat down to be warned about trusting anyone dressed as a clown.

It’s  a conversation I never imagined myself having!

It’s ridiculous and plain frightening. Why are people trying to spoil these occasions with violence?

What does that say to our children? Or even mankind as a whole?!

I can’t imagine the devastation for the clown community. Their livelihoods pulled from beneath them because someone decided now would be a good time to whack on a clown suit and murder people?!

Who thinks like that?!

Now dressing up has become feared. No longer can the kids dress up and go trick or treating. I know I certainly don’t feel comfortable with it and I will not be opening my door on Halloween.


So there you have it. Any dressing up will be done at home, as usual, all year round.

Are you taking part this year?

We would love to know 🙂

Puppy In My Pocket Twitter Party!!!! #puppyinmypocket

It’s that time again!

We are hosting a puppy in my pocket twitter part on Wednesday the 28th of September at 1pm!

We are super duper excited about this one. The girls are huge fans of the range and collect both the Puppies and kittens!

We have an amazing party box which I will be opening on my facebook live. Click here so you can take a look 🙂

Make sure to follow me on twitter at @justchelseam and Uk mums tv on @UKmumstv for prizes a plenty!


Myself and the girls will be there with bells on ready for the action and we expect you to be there too 🙂

You could win yourself a perfect prize just in time for Christmas!

See you there!!


Teddy Together 3ds review


This review has been a bit of time in the works, mainly due to the girls wanting to play it all the time and getting the 3DS sticky and unsusable has made it difficult to get my hands on it.

Teddy Together see’s you adopt your very own teddy bear that comes to life very much in a style of Nintendogs.
Although there seems to be plenty of recycled ideas from other games here, it offers a rich experience for children and companionship.

Teddy is very inquisitive and wants to get to know all about you. It pretty much will become your child’s best friend as the information you input will be stored and used to communicate with you.
Teddy can process information it receives and cleverly involves it into conversation. For example; Teddy will ask about a special person like a sibling, auntie etc and will say it would like to meet that person one day. There is an introduction icon to enable this and little conversations between child and bear will be made. By being able to do this your child can talk about important people in their life and not only will Teddy talk to you about them but can also interact with that person too making it an inclusive experience.

Regarding the type of questions asked there’s nothing of concern or frightening that I can see here as the questions are designed to seem like the bear has its own personality to make it seem very real and like a pet to appeal to a child. As Teddy is inquisitive it will ask many questions and ending questions will fill up a friendship bar increasing you friendship level. You are also rewarded for answering questions and doing so will unlock more things to do and award you money to purchase things at the shops. Items at the shop are seasonal and will even change daily so returning every day to check back to see whats on offer is essential.

Things you can do with your teddy include; making her meals in a cooking mama style, growing plants and vegetables and shopping, along with a handful of other things.

It is fair to say Teddy has an odd voice, quite akin to Mii and Tomodachi life characters. It doesn’t seem like the voice can be altered like you can in Tomodachi life which would have been a good touch, and differnet pitches and tones would have been quite fun. There is more scope that could potentially be added to the game in future by means of DLC continuing to enhance the experience. But as is it stands it sadly seems like it may be short lived.


Here’s what Evie (4) thought of the game…

“Well I like playing it so much, and she likes to watch television.”

“It’s good. I like to feed her lollipops, I need to buy some more at the shop.”

“I like cooking food and feeding her.”

“We like to go shopping for dresses and dressing up.”

“When she gets more hungry… I feed her some more lunch!”

“I like to read letters in the book!” … (Evie can’t actually read yet :D)

“Teddy makes me tickle her, she likes tickles.”

The game itself is quite limited and the touch screen on the 2DS has stopped working so unfortunately that concludes this review.