Palace Pets Magic Screen Tablet

palace pets

In a house full of girls all things Disney always go down well, and we love animals especially cats! in so doll or charter has a pet and of course accessories it is always a winner in our house.

Each Palace pet was found and became an  adopted pet of the Disney princesses which become their masters, from Snow White and Ariel to Rapunzel and Belle. Each Disney princess has its own pet some even more than one. They are different sorts of animals so everyone favorite is catered for from cats and dogs to ponies there is even a racoon and panda. Each Palace pet has a name and a little story behind them. So your children can now not only have their favourite Disney princess but also their pets.

Of course in this day and age everyone child likes a tablet, this is designed as a learning tablet for children 2 years plus.  Our littlest loved it as she could be like her big sister and use a tablet and complete the tasks set for them because who doesn’t like to get things right, fun for them with you safe in the knowledge that they are learning along the way.

This tablet has 50 different contacts for your child to choose from thanks to its sliding screen that is done with ease. There are pictures of their favorite princess, their pets and also some on the princess accessories slippers and crowns. With four games modes discovery, Finding what is asked, Match and quiz using colours and names. It will help your little one to learn their princess and which are their pets, along with some great enchanting Disney music.

It comes with batteries that are still going strong now and is available from £15.87


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