Parent’s Don’t Share Spaces!!!!!!!!!

Its true, us parents have this little luxury called ‘parent and child parking’ and we are sick of having to share the spaces.

Now I have a disabled badge and children, so it leaves alot to be desired when we have nowhere to park. Not only do people who have no children feel free to take these spaces therefore pissing all over our parental bonfire, but older people, with disabled badges and no children, think its ‘okay’ to park in the parent and child when there are no disabled spaces?!

How is this okay?!

If I didn’t have my disabled badge, I would not park in there spaces, however why do they think its okay to park in the parent and child just because they have a badge?


I am sick of trying to use the parent and child when I have both girls only to have some old person take it because they think it is there god given right?!

Its not, its for parents like myself, who have children who like to scream and smush crisps and biscuits everywhere when the door is open. We are given these spaces so we can open our doors wide and wrestle our children into the all important car seats.

If we are given a tiny space at the other end of the car park, we will dink the car next door because we are probably already irate at walking our tantruming children all the way to the other end of the car park after discussing with them why they cannot have the £50 toy!

That is why our parent and child spaces are sacred. No accidental car door bumping and getting the noisy, small grubby ones into the car much faster so we can sit down and take a deep breath.

Or cry with relief that its over.

So, we would appreciate it if you would stop taking our spaces, you have your own and I am sure if a mother without a blue badge decided to park in a disabled space we would feel your wrath and a very hefty fine.


Rant over.

21 thoughts on “Parent’s Don’t Share Spaces!!!!!!!!!

  1. I was just about to blog the same thing myself after this mornings debacle at asda .

    I once had an old lady shout at me in the middle of boots saying the disabled spaces are for disabled people ( and I had my badge on display ) and she had the Nerve to park in a child space – if I was on my own I would have shouted back at her . But I had George with me (9 months old at the time) and I want to set a good example ! My hubby polity said ” not all disabilities are visible my wife has a heart problem and had two strokes what’s ur excuse apart from been old ! She just said sorry and walked away very quietly .

    1. Well done for sticking up for yourself! I hate people like that as I have the same problem, blog it lovely!!! x

  2. I have never seen parent and children parking spaces! That is a brilliant idea – but not so brilliant when people without children are parking in them.

  3. Had to laugh! I’m usually the one ranting at there being no disabled space. So yes, we have taken up a parent and child space, but tough. I will continue to do so. Okay, so it’s usually at night when there tend not to be many parents with children about, but still. I will anyway. Sticks tongue out and blows raspberry.

    1. See, but if a parent was to park in a disabled space without a badge, they would be fined? So how is it fair? I have both but tend to use the parent spaces to leave more for other disabled users! I am sure if you saw a parent park in a disabled bay you would have a little shout 😛

  4. You tell ’em! It used to wind me right up when my kids were small. It’s the width of the space which is the key thing, which non-parents who selfishly use the spaces don’t realise. But you can be sure they’ll charge you for repairs if you bash their doors when you’re squeezing into a right space! Once I stood up to someone and he was so rude to me! 🙁

    1. I hate it!!! Good on you for giving it too him, dont worry about the rudeness, you have a bloody right, I would like to see him squeeze children trough the doors from a tiny space!!! x

  5. Once, when my older daughter was 3, a woman in a huge SUV – but no kids – parked in a parent and child space. My daughter said to her, “That’s for people with children.” The woman said she usually had a child with her! Strange logic.
    Now my kids are far to big for parent and child spaces, I sorta miss those days.

  6. I’m not sure there were parent and child spaces when my girl was tiny. I don’t remember. I do remember having to park ages away from the shop to get enough space to get in and out of the car easily enough. Can’t manage that now though. So if there aren’t any disabled spots free, a nice wide parent and child spot close to the store it is. That or not bother at all.

  7. I was regularly shouting at people when they parked in the parent and child spaces whether they had no children, were disabled or both!! These spaces are sacred as they are usually far more disabled bays than parent and child parking!! And normally I find the disabled bays are mainly empty but wouldn’t dream of parking in them!! Good for you for sticking up for yourself. I shall continue to do so. Also, my Mum quite rightly pointed out that pregnant ladies should also use these spaces when heavily pregnant – it aint easy getting out of the car when you have a massive bump in front of you. Thank you for linking up to PoCoLo lovely xx

    1. Pleasure! Not a truer word spoken, I hate how people think these spaces do not matter when for us parents, they are like gold dust! Keep sticking up for the spaces, people really need to stop being so selfish when it comes to them. I agree with the pregnancy thing xx

  8. This is something that really irritates me especially while I’m still using an infant carseat with my youngest I hate getting back to the car to find no room to put the carseat back in the car because normal spaces are too small. I even heard someone moaning a few days ago that us having parent and child spaces is why there is an obesity problem when it comes to children! I couldn’t believe my ears these people would be annoyed if we parked next to them and scratched their cars getting in and out. Would be nice if people just respected that parent and child spaces are for parents and children and disabled are for disabled people it’s really not that hard!

    1. I could not agree more! How dare they say that thats why there is an obesity problem?! What the hell?! They are there for us parents who have to get these devices AND children in and out the hideously complicated seats! xxx

  9. Parent and child is not legally enforceable though it is, I thought its more of a courtesy and the disabled badge generally comes first regardless? Those who have disabled badge would be due to a real need, whereas parent and child is more a convenience. Dont get me wrong I much prefer to park in parent and child rather than dragging the kids across the car park but I would never shout at a disabled person for parking in there, Same way you get off the bus to make way for a wheelchair user. I think we should have a bit of compassion in these situations, if there is for some reason no disabled space and they have resorted to use the p&c then fine!! How can we begrudge. Those who park in it with no children and no disability of any kid, but just cos they feel they can do whatever they like – I save my anger for them!

    1. I dont think its anger so much as unfair, as you can be fined if you do not have a child round here, I have seen it done. I understand the compassion part however its not a ‘right’ just because you have a badge. It just grates on me really!

  10. Hi there! Hmmmm … not sure I really agree with you. I think it’s just as annoying parents who think they have priority over people just because they have done what billions of people before them have done and procreated. It doesn’t somehow confer on you to “right” to have slightly easier access for your children into a car.

    1. I have to say I disagree, you try getting a teeny child out of a space as well as round up a four year old screaming after a shopping trip that took you 2 hours longer than usual!

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