The Perfect Pets!

So Pops has been going on and on and on about having her own pet. We already have a dog, so the choices were limited, however Pops was adamant she needed something that was hers, something she could look after.

So the hunt was on!

With her birthday coming up, I have to admit, its the perfect excuse to do the whole “early present” thing.

We ventured to the pet shop, which had the normal array of stinky rodents! We were originally thinking hamsters, however after looking at it, for one they would have to female, as I could not explain the whole big old hamster balls thing, not a conversation I need! 

So anyway, females smell, like piss, yum! Also Pops loves a cuddle and hamsters do not appreciate a squeeze, no matter how much convincing you do! 

So hamsters were a no, those nibbley little bastards simply would not do. 

Next comes the bunny. Now as a child I had bunnies a plenty (after unknowingly having a girl and boy) In those days a bunny was a bunny, it needed the usual food, water and shelter, plus the odd cuddle (and maybe a walk on a bunny lead) Now however, they need spaying and injections, they also tend to be nippy.

So a bunny was a no.

Then it dawned on us, a guinea pig, it was perfect. You can keep them outside or inside and they like a good cuddle and the odd squeeze and rarely bite.


I was a little sceptical,  but they have been great. We have two lovely guinea pigs, luna and snowflake, who Pops can look after and love until her hearts content!

I never realised how perfect the little critters would be. They don’t need too much doing, no faffing with jabs etc and super cuddley!

So if your looking for a pet for your little’un then why not get a guinea pig? Pops can use it to learn some sort of responsibility and have something of her own.

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