Periods, I Have Them!

Feel free to to not read on, its time for some over-sharing! 

Yup, this last week has seen my first real period since Beboo was born. Yes, that was quite some time ago, almost a year in-fact. However after having her I had retained products, which did not become apparent until four months after having her, having not stopped the post baby bleed. After that was sorted, I decided to have the injection. 

Stupid idea.

Dickhead move. Not cool.

This gave for spotting for three months, so I decided to not try it again.

So ever since waiting for that to disappear from my system, this last week was my first real period. 

It has been, well, horrendous. 

Regular readers will know I cannot use tampons since having the girls (wow, I really do over-share too much) So I am left with the other option, which in itself means dashing to the toilet after being sat down or indeed, asleep. 

I don’t dash well. I am not the dashing type.

Nor do I have the squeezing power of an ox. 

You know the score, not fun and not a nice feeling.

Egg cup of blood my ass! More like four or five big old mugs worth! 

Anyway, I hate periods, mine have always been ultra heavy and painful, so it got me thinking…

What do I do to stop them and stop myself from falling pregnant, granted the whole not having sex thing has been a great contraceptive, however its not one I can see working long term. 

I cannot take the pill, I turn into an even bigger and more emotional-sad-angry-hungry moose, I have tried loads of different ones, so thas a no go. Next is the injection, again not feeling the constant spotting, I have become quite the little bleeder (vileness) Not trying the coil, the pokey bits freak me out. 

Last is the implant, which really looks like my only option. I am not sure a request to have all my gubbins removed would go down well with the Dr. 

Do I try it?

Do I take one for the proverbial team? 



I didn’t think a photo of blood would be very tasteful.

6 thoughts on “Periods, I Have Them!

  1. I have the implant in and it’s fab most of the time…..I have a random periods…..Really irregular! I ‘came on’ 2 weeks ago the first time in about 8 months and it lasted 9 days!! 7 days heavy and yucky then spotting for a couple of days….

    In the last 5 years i’ve had the implant (im on my 2nd one) I have had about 2 periods a year….Last longer than normal ones but I used to have heavy periods every month with loads of pain now I get no pain and can live with them every 6 months or so…

    I’d say the implant is the best option but it is different for everyone….

    Hope you’re feeling ok! xxx

  2. Oh I feel for you, us women really do shit out when it comes to all this stuff!

    I tried the coil once – never again. The worst periods ever ever and mine started to come out and it hurt…lots.

    After having my third baby I was told I couldn’t go back on my usual pill (which had been fantastic for me for years and years) because I am now old and overweight.

    So, my other options were implant or a mini pill.

    A relative of mine had said that the implant gave horrendous bleeding and my GP also told me I would probably gain more weight…..eeek!

    So, I went for the mini pill. The first one I tried made me bleed really heavy and made me moody. However, I went back to the GP and she switched me to another one that has “touch wood” been fantastic. I don’t get any period at all (I was slightly concerned after the first month that I’d messed up and got pregnant again), but apparently it often happens with this pill. The most I ever get is an odd spot every few months. I don’t think I’m moody, although my husband might disagree.

    I think its very much a case of trying the different options until you find what is right for you. x

    1. Goodness me! I could nt imagine the pain of the coil falling out! AWCH!!!!! I think you are right, its a matter or trail and error, which is sometimes no fun! 😛

      Thank you for your comment, and I really hope the pill stays good for you 🙂 x

  3. I’ve heard a lot of people have at problems with the implant. Thankfully I’m not one of them, I love it. I’ve had it in two years now and no periods no side affects. Definitely worth ago but of course everyone will react differently.

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