Pet Parade Play Garden – CATS

I know.

I can’t quite believe I’m writing that.

Pet parade now has CATS.

For anyone that doesn’t know. Evie, my youngest, is obsessed with cats.

Now I’m not talking about she likes cats and would love to have one. I am talking obsessed. She has cats on her clothes, her toys are cats, cat bags, cat hats and even cat sunglasses.

And yes, she would love a cat. But Skye doesn’t like cats and this is something that will stop us from having a real life cat. But it’s okay because we love Skye.

So now having one of her favourite toys, Pet parade, have a cat version also, it’s like Christmas and Birthday all rolled into one.

pet parade 2 pet parade cat 1

This is the play garden, which is a cat’s play heaven and even comes with cat figures, much like the dogs from pet parade.


This set is easy to put together. vJust a few strong clicks has everything in place. The water feature is my personal favourite. It looks so real!

This little set is perfect for some cat role play. They have everything our furry friend could desire. Evie has had hours of fun playing with this. Even her small cat teddies have been in on the action.

Like all other Pet parade pets, the cat has moveable features and magnets. Meaning you can take it for a walk with the supplied lead and it even plays with the ball.


This set would be the puuurfect addition to any toy box. 😉

It retails from around the £25 mark, however you can find some savings if you search.

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