Plasticine Fun

plascine 1

Now we have moved we finally have space to craft. The girls have never played with plasticine before, so they were very excited to try it out. It’s one of those things from my own childhood which I loved. Now as smushy as playdough, so fabulous for creating models and having them stay that way. Or even smush it back down and use it for something else.

The range from Plasticine is amazing, they had so much to offer, so many different colours and each pack came with some wonderful ideas. Boo especially liked the cat ones, so I found myself making cats and dogs all afternoon.


Although she did help!

We must have spent hours playing with all the Plasticine. Even Daddy came and joined in which was fabulous. From cutters to modelling equipment, they really do have it all. I was more than impressed with my own creations and I am not an artistic person at all. But Ninny and Daddy go there creative juices flowing and went with a Kirby theme. I think it was all the pink.

So, after lots of smushing and starting again and of course, arguing from the adults kids, we had a table full of plasticine creations.

creatine 3

I think you will agree, they are amazing! 

Both Ninny and Boo are Plasticine converts. They have their creations sat neatly on a shelf in their bedrooms. Those two do love to keep everything!

I can see many an evening of making their favourite characters and animals. So much fun to be had in a squishy packet. Plasticine is a must for those craft drawers, we will be keeping it stocked up from now on!


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