“Please Don’t Squeeze Your Sister’s Head!!”

Yup, its something I have found myself saying repeatedly recently, “please don’t squeeze your sister’s head” and no matter how many times I say it, it still does not sink in.

I swear, being a mother means we might as well have ‘Please Ignore’ written on our foreheads, even my husband finds the urge to completely ignore me far too appealing.

And to be honest, I blame the kids.

I think he is learning it from them.

I can be repeatedly telling Pops to please not sit on the dog and she just carries on sitting on the poor animal, it usually gets to the point where I am either shouting each word very slowly but loudly OR going and taking her off the dog, sister or table.

Husband wise I can ask him 4/5 times to please pick up my prescription from town, whilst he is getting ready to leave for said journey to town. Only for him to tell me to stop telling him as he heard me the first time. Then on his return I ask about the prescription, only to be told he forget?! HOW?!

I do sometimes wonder if they have like a thing going on to see who can ignore Mummy for the longest.

Its a very similar when it comes to things like housework and trying to teach the small people between the rights and wrongs we human folk face.

I can tell them all over and over and over and over again, only for it to be forgotten two minutes later, when they have fallen down the toilet or forgotten to feed the dog.

Sometimes I feel like I need one of those megaphones! Hmmmm….



I could stop nagging and trying to bring the girls up with a little bit of class but that would be too easy…. That is what they want!!!

Maybe I just need to come at it from a different angle?

Maybe treats or tummy rubs?! NO sorry that is dogs. Maybe I could take away the TV and all game systems? Then they would have no choice but to listen?!

Whoever says they don’t have this problem because their family are perfect is lying, that or they just haven’t noticed yet! 

4 thoughts on ““Please Don’t Squeeze Your Sister’s Head!!”

  1. As for the husband, I don’t think any of them listen! The thing with men is they let pride get in the way too much and won’t admit to being forgetful – using “I was too busy” as an excuse – that’s my husband at any rate!!

    And as for the kids, I think I could spend a full day repeating myself to Amy and she’d still forget!

    CJ x

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