Please, No More Toys?!

I don’t think this house could take any more presents, toys especially! I tried to go easy this year, In-fact I did go easy, it was everyone else who went insane.

Christmas turned out to be lovely, my Sister ended up staying home, which really did make my day. I was able to spend Christmas day with all the family. I decided not to let my whole MS get in the way, just for a day I was allowed to forget. I loaded up on painkillers and my normal array of tablets and enjoyed the day.

I did discover rounding up two small children, a husband and a dog on Christmas morning was like rounded a heard of ferrets, do ferrets have heards? They should. Every time I thought I had them all together and ready, one would wiggle off, mission.

After a break from all things on-line  I am back and I intend to use this year to document more of my life and make a difference to people like me.

Watch this space…

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Hope you all had a Merry Christmas 🙂

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