Project Mc2 Camrym’s Skateboard #Britishscienceweek

So it’s British science week, what vetter way to get the kids into science than with the fabulous Project Mc2 New range.

We love this Netflix show, we also love the dolls. Not only are the fabulous for play, but they also bring a bit of science into the mix.



This time, we are looking at Camryn. Camryn is known for her super high IQ, she is a real genius when it comes to the garage. Especially when it comes to her souped-up skateboard. Her catchphrase is “nailed it” 

Camryn is Livs favourite. She loves her quirky personality, so she was especially excited about having her doll counterpart to play with.

Each Project Mc2 doll comes with an experiment to do together. Something that is linked into the character. Camryn of course, has something skateboard related.


On the back of each box comes the simple and easy to follow instructions. This one is to gain access to the blueprint to put her skateboard together. All you need to do is brush it with some H2O (water) and reveal the instructions on the paper!


Liv has been learning about H2O in school, so she especially liked that this had been used.

She was able to complete this experiment all by herself. Which is an added bonus.

I think the Project Mc2 range does a fantastic job of bringing science to life for the kids. We have looked at two other dolls, both with awesome experiments attached.

Of course with all the science stuff they also get a super cool doll at the end of it all to play with. The dolls are stunning to look at, each bringing their own style to the mix. We love that they have ‘joints’ of the elbows and knees, making them super easy to play with, in any situation. NO matter how squashy 😛

The dolls retail for around£29 and can be purchased from any good toy retailer.


Keep an eye out for out video demo, coming soon 🙂





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