Ranty Friday!!

Its the end of the week again and Christmas has once more been and gone.

Ergh, cue new year.

I don’t get the big deal when it comes to new year, its just another day, granted a different year however still, not really that exciting.

I will be at home, as per waiting until the fireworks have frightened the dog ad turned her into some crazed loon. 

I really cannot find the excitement in it at all.

It seems this time of year turns people into crazed loons also. People have seriously lost respect for each other, since when was it okay to say vile things things about other people.

Get a grip!

Also I hate how people live such lies. Getting sympathy diseases and always trying to one up when it really is not needed. Can’t people grow up and stop being so dramatic. 

I have so many questions running through my head, I have no idea what road I want to take or why I am so hell bent on wanting it.

Me and hubs ended up spending our Christmas money on storage for all the toys we accumulated over the ‘festive’ season. Yes, we know how to roll.

I cannot wait until things go back to normal, with everything being shut and people getting sale rage when doing the shopping, I think we all need to take a deep breath and calm down.


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