Shopkins are a new favourite in our house and the girls do love all things small!! They are small plastic food characters that live in a supermarket where they live their lives and you can create great adventures. These are suitable for 3 years and up.


There is a huge range to collect from a small set of 2 shopkins and their shopping basket from £2.50 great for a pocket money spend up to a full playset at £20.00 which is what we had to review the shopkins small supermarket . All playsets have moveable and interactive parts It has all you need to set up your supermarket with all your shopkins from and shopping trolley and checkout to a slide for the shopkins to have their fun on, and exclusive figures. In addition we also had a Shopkin 12 pack to get us started these come with 2 surprise shopkins so you never know quite what you’re going to get. along with some shopping and a basket for your shopkins to fit in and be carried around

Each shopkin is designed in the shape of products that you will find in your supermarket that your children will recognize,  has its own name which are all based around which product it is. There’s cute fruits, sweets dairy and many more some of our favorites are Tommy Ketchup, Cheese Kate  and Gran Jam

There  are currently there are over 100 to collect and come with a collects guide, they of course have rare, ultra rare and limited addition, they are great for kids to collect and swop and new shopkins will be out every 3 months so there is always new shopkins to collect  

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