Simply Spoilt!


The eldest.

Has become a nightmare.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s my own fault etc, part of me would agree but the other part wouldn’t. I try to simply, make her happy and make sure she never goes without. The odd thing here and there turned into something new every time she went out, although now we have seen the error of our ways and stopped the endless gift giving, other family members have not.

They know who they are.

Yes, I get it, they love her and its there right to spoil her, however she is getting beyond the little madam stage and its vile. 

Her sister, obviously has everything Pops used to have, so we really haven’t had the need the buy her anything, which makes me feel worse. 

So we have the decision to halve her Christmas presents, we already have them so we will simply put half aside for her birthday, which essentially is a genius idea. 

For Beboo, she will simply have a few bits and we will keep hers aside too.

Is this okay?

Am I a horrible Mother?

I just want her to appreciate things and know its worth.

4 thoughts on “Simply Spoilt!

  1. I think you’re a very sensible mum. If Pops already has so much then she really doesn’t need a whole heap full for Christmas. If children receive too much, I think it overwhelms them and they don’t appreciate the individual gifts. I’ve bought my son a very small gift for each advent day but am not getting him a single thing for Christmas Day. He’ll get a handful of presents from friends and family and I think that’s more than enough.

    1. Thank you, I think I am doing the right thing, we will have a lovely day, presents or no presents. I think the whole present giving pressure is way too much these days! x

  2. Not at all!
    Just had my first baby and I have to keep reminding people to stop buying her stuff. Whilst its helpful I don’t want her getting used to it, plus she’s the first grand daughter / niece etc and there will be others eventually!

    1. My girls get more than any normal children as so many people spoil them, its so hard when they are so cute 😛

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