Sleep Angels, Coming To A Pillow Near You!

Sleep, its something we all love and it is also something most parents need to live without. Well this might not be the case for much longer, see at the Baby Show In Birmingham on the 17th, Jo Tantum is launching her new ‘Sleep Angels’ team.

Yup, the lovely Jo has helped many parents across the UK teach their children the art of sleep, lets face it, its one of our biggest hurdles to overcome. So the fact Jo will be hand picking qualified people to under go some intensive training, to join the army of Sleep Angels to come and help us sleep-deprived parents is amazing!

Jo says, ‘It’s always a difficult decision when your business has grown too big for you to do everything, especially as it is so personal.  I have spent the last two years perfecting the training programme and going through everything with a fine tooth comb.  I’m sharing ALL my secrets with my Angels, personally training them to be the best they can be, and I will be with them every step of the way.’

I have to say, I am a firm believer in routine and I think this programme will be an amazing help for parents across the country to learn the art of a good sleep routine.

After training, the Sleep Angels will be sent out to homes of the sleepy, where they will put in place everything they have learnt. What’s more Jo will also be linked through a video monitor so she will always be no hand to observe and offer support.

Jo says, ‘After I had been Maternity Nursing for ten years I found there was no-where else to go.  I was used to being in someone else’s home, the nights, the long hours, and the grateful look on parents faces when their baby is fast asleep.  I wanted to make a difference and I realised that sleep is the one thing that is so important, right from the start, for baby and parents.’

So if you are heading to Birmingham’s Baby Show between the 17th-19th of May, look out for the Sleep Angels stand. Also if you would like more info, or even to become a Sleep Angel, head over to the website.

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