So Here Starts Six Weeks Of Something?

Pops finished playgroup on Friday, so here is the start of the six weeks holidays. Once upon a time, I would have been filled with excitement, however now its fear and a strange need for ear plugs. 

Add to that he fact she starts school soon, which means she needs to start grasping the whole idea of school and still has a couple of life lessons to learn before, in my eyes, she will be ready. Both of these things are giving me a headache.

It might be the heat I suppose.

Hey, maybe the heat is the reason why they keep attacking each other on the sly?! No?! Oh……..

Throw into this messy mixing bowl, some extremely inconsiderate boy, who owns a moped and has added something to make it SO LOUD it keeps me awake whilst he drives up and down our street revving every single bloody night, means I am one tired, sweaty, fractious mother.

A mother who has to find a way to explain how to wipe your own bum after a poop. There is no easy to understand way to this, I have tried, hell, even my Sister has tried and it always ends with there being more on her hands than the paper.

Then its how to get a top off without getting lost whilst doing so. And remembering to keep the ticket at the back when putting on pants, trousers, tops, t-shirts etc. It might be okay to make the turn whooopsy at home, but people will notice at school. Its a public place. 

Then there is six whole weeks of fighting, screaming, paddy having and me hiding in the corner. Not to mention we are having a whole new kitchen fitted next week. Oh the mess.

If I go missing, check under the bed. Its dark there. 

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