Some People!

The whole online world opens up your eyes to all types of people, people whom you would have never met before, amazing people who would do anything to help someone else, a stranger even but also with these amazing people, come people you just want to give a good reality check! 

Sometimes I see or read something and I just wish I could have that person walk a day in my shoes, not for me, but for them, so they can see what’s really important and stop taking life so seriously.

Its the always right, self-righteous, woe is me type. They think with simply being online means they have some sort of super power, to dictate and dig, like the online world is the most important thing going, when really, they could not be more wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pity party and everyone has the right to moan, but come on, sometimes its like watching a dog with a bone! 

These people need to see what life is really about, especially when you are dealt a shit hand and you still get up and carry on smiling, joking and being a shoulder to cry on.

I often read  a blog and pop over to the owners twitter feed to have a gander, more often that not its just like reading their blog but sometimes its just full of spite, hatred and self righteousness, often on the same day you read about how amazing there last week has been?

It just seems so trivial sometimes?

For me, I think people need to appreciate what they have more. They need to look at the bigger picture. I have seen families torn apart and people broken from a single day, a death, an accident, a diagnosis, the list goes on. But these same people are always the ones still fighting, still smiling and still pushing on regardless.

They live each day to the full and have a smile for every person they encounter online or off.

Some days I do think you really don’t know what you really have until its gone. And that is what really grates on me sometimes, the people who seem to have nothing nice to say, often have such a ‘normal’ life, one they should be thankful for.

I guess I just don’t understand why some people feel the need to be this way, constantly, when they have no real reason for it?!

Its something a long hard look in the mirror or a day in someone else’s shoes could fix.

Chuh, some people!

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