Sometimes I Wonder…

I do, I am one of those deep thinking types, I wonder about alot of shit.

Okay, maybe I am not a “deep thinker” just humour me.

These past few days have been interesting to say the least, my lovely blog is moving hosts as my old host really pissed me off! No warning or help offered, no that would be to hard. No explanation of why they has taken it down, I am telling you now, that company must be run by a man why else would it be so flipping awkward!?

I am not going to apologise for that either, because I am simply not in the mood.

Please bear with the blog, it will all be well again soon I promise. Or heads will roll.

On a better note, we had a photo shoot yesterday with the lovely Emma from snowing indoors. She was my first twitter meet, scary I know, its okay though she was lovely and we are all still alive.

It was lovely to be together, plus the fact it was in park. Pops was her normal uncompromising self, refusing to play ball, or run around the tree in this instance. We did some good old “parent manipulation” and she soon did it without realising.

Good times.

We also feed the ducks the the obligatory “beef holahoops” Yes I am aware that’s not the norm, however it is what I found in the bag. Feel free to blame me for all the cow eating ducks, okay?! 

We are really excited about the photos coming, finally have some with all of us that are not taken on a webcam or by a camera with mummy guessing where to point it.

I hope to be back on top form next week, but right now I am tired and cannot be arsed! 

Oh, one more thing, tummy injections hurt. Alot. If you don’t need to don’t do it. Ever. 

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