Sonic Boom: Ryse of Lyric Wii U Review



Sonic Boom: Ryse of Lyric Wii U

Sonic has had a bit of a tough time over the years.
The trouble seems to be fans being torn between the fast paced 2D platform classic style and the 3RD person style of adventure games, and said pointless characters appearing over time.
Regardless of opinion, Sonic games have always tried to push boundaries and try different ventures and thing’s.
The 2D classic style gets far more recognition though there are great 3D titles that did well and are arguably the best games on systems such as the Sega Dreamcast.

Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric is unfortunately not getting much good press and reviews. In my opinion, it’s unfair. The game seems and plays far better than it is given credit for.
It mixes it all up trying to please fans of both 2D and 3D and gets knocked to the ground for its efforts.

They say it’s impossible not to mention Sonic or Mario when talking about either mascot rivals. This is very true and whilst writing up the review for Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, I really had to fight the urge to mention Sonic. But, here I think I need to mention Mario, (and I’m saying this being more of a Super Mario Bros fan than Sonic) as the series did not face the same fan suffering as Sonic does, and has yet again for trying something new in gameplay, style and direction.

The Plot:
sonic5Sonic with pals in tow, are chasing Eggman through a path laden jungle. You take control of Sonic trying to dodge missles, burning rocks and boulders that are trying to slow you down so Eggman can escape. Eggman has a plan up his sleeve though, he leads them to an ambush with metal sonic, he then further ambushes the team leading them to a group of his robots standing by for the group to arrive. After tackling the robots and launcing one through a brick wall, a pathway is created. They notice a circular structure and decide to head towards it.
The team see a handprint similar to Sonics, and further more above it, carvings of Sonic and Tails.
Surrounded by an overwhelming amount of enemies led by Metal Sonic. Against Amy’s gut feeling, Sonic has no choice but to place his hand on the hand print and retreat inside the ruins, just as Eggman had anticipated. Unbeknownst to them by entering these ruins they are to release an ancient evil in the form of a metal snake, Lyric.

The game combines adventure, open world roaming, runner type areas similar to a Sonic Dash style, combat and even platform style areas, where you need to move things in the environment to gain access, you may even notice a nod to Sonic Racers Transformed. Literally, something for everyone.

After a couple of levels, you will be able to switch between four characterssonic at any one point, each with their advantages.
Sonic having his spin dash, Tails being able to fly briefly and gain more ground than the others, Amy has a hammer which she can swing in circular motions and Knuckles having a very powerful punch. Holding down the buttons assigned for their attacks will power up their impact of it once released. They all have an electricity type tether that can latch onto enemies, air rails and pulleys which are also found on blocks and also suspended in the air that will allow you to rope swing from one to another to overcome a large gap or get to higher ground.
The levels are fairly sized and they have a wealth of unlockable areas, launch pads and springs and a horde of robotic enemies.

sonic3There are as you would expect, tons of rings scattered throughout the game and although this is typical for a Sonic game, you would think that you had to find and collect all the rings in each level, but this isn’t the case. You are capped at collecting 100 and again as usual, they act as your health. Having said that, there is a music player option in Q-N-C’s database at the main menu and each track requires a certain number of rings to unlock, and what a soundtrack it is!

It is a the perfect blend of platforming and open world exploration, with collectables.
Granted the character voices are cheesy and there is a lot going on especially with the mixture of gameplay styles, but this makes the game stand out.

It has crisp graphics and it is visually pleasing, it looks great on the Wii UScreenShot0186 and once again shows what the system, which many deemed a failure, is capable of. Despite the unnecessary bad press, this is an excellent addition to the Wii U games roster and for those game collectors.

Further more extra features are included in the game.

The Nintendo 3DS connect is worth while checking out if you own a copy of Sonic Boom for both Wii U and 3DS, you can connect them to each other to unlock exclusive power-ups, nice!

Team Challenges which is a section for co-op play with 2-4 characters, providing you know 2-4 other people that own the game and own a Wii U, and you have 4 friends to play with at home, so for me that’s a no, …and a no. ;-(
Joking aside, it seems the people that are not fans of the game, or either the loyal fans to his master system or mega drive days, simply have not played enough of it.
You only have to go onto Nintendo’s e-shop and look for the game and see that is has an impressive 4 out of 5 stars, so it really can not be (and isn’t) as bad as social media and hardened reviewers make it out to be.

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