Sorry, No Drugs Here!

So we live in a friendly neighbourhood, next door are lovely and we have a lovely relationship with most people around here.

There is one thing that has been really grating on me and Hubbys nerves, drugs.

A few doors down from us, there is a house that supplies drugs to people, these people wait outside my family home.

They are supplying drugs to children as young as 12, how do I know this? Because we see them in groups waiting for the ‘runner’

I am sick to death of this happening right outside my front door and I am also sick to death of our local police station doing nothing about it.

They simply say they went and found nothing. Why can’t they watch the road, it happens over 4 times a day.

This is an issue I feel so strongly about, many children live down here, including my own,there is even a play school 5 meters away from my house, it is disgusting and it has to stop!

I don’t want my children growing up around this, more needs to be done!

men walking away

Those three men walking away had just been stood outside waiting for the ‘runner’ Had my camera not had a delay, I would have got him handing it over!

Please share this post, things like this have to stop, its getting beyond a joke and I don’t want this around my children.


4 thoughts on “Sorry, No Drugs Here!

  1. What an awful thing to be happening near you….We have some dodgy people living a few doors down who have been raided by the police a few times but at least we don’t see drug deals going on right outside my house….

    Have you tried contacting the council as surely it is classed as some sort of Anti social behaviour….Or your local newspaper…This should not be going on on right outside your home!!

  2. Go and see your neighbourhood police offer, they will be more involved, also involve your local Mp and harass them till they support you. You should not have to put up with that. My biggest hate x

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