Animal Crossing Amibo Festival review, Wii U


*All images are captured by myself using a camera and Miiverse screenshot feature

Animal Crossing makes its board game debut in Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival.

Rejoice with old friends and new

Everyone loves an Animal Crossing game, but this one isn’t getting very good press especially from journalists who cover videogames on popular sites.

But people have their own view and opinions on games and can see charm, or endearing, where others can’t.

Here’s our view and opinion.

12348025_438275363035755_8822645321890353370_nThe game has traditional roots for a board game. You can choose 1-4 Players. You have a dice to roll, which the function used here with the Amiibo figures, is not too dissimilar to how it’s done with Mario party 10. Apart from in Amiibo festival, the use of the Amiibo’s is essential to be able to play. You take it in turns to work your way around the game board, collecting cards, items or currency. In this case it is Bells, happy points, and cards, which can be won on special events.




WVW69ipgu-wMrUJQu7Upon starting your game and you have chosen your character from the brilliant Animal Crossing Amiibo figures currently available, (and theres more on the way!) you will get to choose any of the calender months to play through as each game playthrough is based on a month.

Each month is of course seasonal, and… have special events such as New year, Easter etc, and other events seen in The Animal Crossing series.



The aim of the game in Animal Crossing Amiibo festival is to earn the most bells as the month comes to an end.

WVW69ipgwHQcEvPDcjAs each roll the player has counts as a day in game, it feels like it rushes you a little, but I guess there is on average 30 days in a calender month. For each special day of the week comes a special visitor. You see the same characters returning, and they are restricted with text as they will use the same phrases on each week and does not seem to vary. Some of these characters are:  Katie who will give you chance you win a dice card.  Joan the turnip trader.  Redd the Antique dealer.  Katrina the Fortune teller.

Depending on the event in the calender month you will also have special visitors like Chip to host a fishing competition. The competitions are automatic and are not playable as a bonus game type feature.
WVW69ipgwjwhewPobT (1)The board consists of spaces that change throughout the days and the weeks depending on events and your luck on your turns. Spaces will give you bells or happy tokens along with mini cutscenes, aswel as spaces that will also take away bells and happy tokens. Some swap out to a visiting character which if you land on, becomes a game of chance for an item. On every Sunday of the week Joan will arrive in the village to sell turnips. Turnips only last 5 days before going rotten and non profitable and prices escalate. So one day prices could be high, then the next, low. The turnip prices will also vary on each space. With the other special visitors, every few other spaces will change to a picture of them, so if you land on them you have chance to win a prize.

WVW69ipgwOsguaV3fOOn the four corners of the board is a Gyroid. The each have a corner of a stamp set, which if you collect them all will earn more bells.

More variety and introduction of more traders and special events would have been ideal, as well as actually taking part in the events or at least having the option to, rather than it being automatic. The same can be said for the Computer players, having the choice to skip their turn would have been a nice option if you are rushed for time.


It may seem repetitive each time you play, but there is a some extra content for you to explore. From playing other game modes with Desert  island escape and the quiz show. You can also unlock mini games where you pop balloons for points, whack Rossetti and card battle. You can also add things to your board with earned Happy Tickets. Items include, characters houses you pass on the board (you add these by scanning Villager Amiibo figures or cards), and features such as fountains, benches and Windmills which the villages will interact with as you play through the board.WVW69ipgucEHaF68oF

The thing would be a great idea for a physical board game, especially for fans of the series, however sadly it won’t appeal to all as a videogame.However not all is lost. Let’s focus on the positive points…

It is extremely simple for children to understand, pick up and play. Catching fish or Butterflies can be a bit of a task for children, or take a long time getting used to how to do it, so therefore, this being automatic isn’t all that bad and still keeps the enjoyment for your young ones. In the full title games, making money is not so sraightforward, so this being a game of chance on every roll of the dice, again keeps the enjoyment for the younger audience.

In short, I feel this game may be more appealing to the under 10s.

There is a few variations of bundles, or you can buy the game on it’s own. But the amazing Amiibo figures that you get starting from an extra £5 for two plus a pack of 3 Animal Crossing Amiibo cards, is a steal… and remember the Amiibo’s are essential to play the game.