Is This The Blog Baby Generation?! – With annotations.

blog babies

THE EDIT: People seem to be up in arms about the post. Even though I totally highlight the fact that that is NOT what I was saying. Several times. I had this worry when I read a blog post a year or so back. Now I cannot name and shame, because unless you have a huge following you cannot do that. I read a post from a lady who planned to get pregnant, she wanted to blog her journey to gain sponsorship. She was very open about the fact she wanted SPONSORSHIP for having a baby.

So let’s re-read shall we?!

Babies. They are everywhere. Naturally. – Babies happen. I love babies too.

But something has me wondering, are we in danger of having a “blog baby” generation? – A question

Now, I don’t mean people writing and documenting their child’s journey. I am talking about having babies for the sake of your blog. 

It’s no secret in the blogging world that if you are a pregnant blogger who documents their pregnancy, your stats will inflate even slightly.

Pregnant people all over the world, including myself back in the day, will search all sorts of pregnancy related things. From the amount of weeks they are, to odd cravings and strange symptoms, when people are pregnant they take to the internet for answers.

Those answers often come blogs. – Because blogs are there for information.

Now, I am in no way talking about people who are growing their families because that was the plan or they just want to, I am talking about idea that a small minority may be having babies for their blog?


I know, gasp.

How dare I.

But with the inflation of stats come the products on offer. From all the latest feeding gadgets to top of the line pushchairs,  review requests will come flooding in. Mainly because there won’t be a vast amount of pregnant bloggers at any one time. So it automatically makes them top of every list.

Same with blogging awards. There will only be a select number of pregnant or young baby bloggers at any one time, so the chance of them being nominated and included is almost guaranteed. – This is how some people see it, they must do IF the lady from the beginning was so hell bent on receiving all new products and sponsorship from companies for HAVING HER BABY.

Meaning more blog promotion.

More wonderful things being sent their way. – Obviously for the lady in question this was a thing.

So could it be possible, that someone, somewhere could decide to have another baby for the sake of their blog? – Could do, and it’s a question.

It’s certainly not impossible.

It makes you wonder if soon, or even now, we will have children brought into this world for the sake of blogging alone? – Again a question not a statement. 

I hope not. – this is me hoping IT DOESNT HAPPEN.

So, after re-reading time and time again, I regularly point out that THIS IS NOT PREGNANT BLOGGERS IN GENERAL. This is something that COULD happen. This is something SOMEONE TRIED TO MAKE HAPPEN!

I worry that people like to censor things they don’t agree with these days. Like if your opinion is different I am BAD. But in reality we don’t all think the same.

People have children to get houses. To trap men. To sell and make money. So why is it so bad to wonder if people could maybe have a child for the sake of blogging?

Yes it’s silly. Yes I didn’t have the time to pee on my own or take a poop when I had a baby, but some people do!

I am not saying its pregnant bloggers in general. I am saying that this ladies post made me worry that this could happen?!

What if it becomes a thing?! That is not fair on the child. That is in no way normal.

If anything, it is horrendous this person was so open about being given money for something so many people struggle to have, which is terrible.

But like anything else, be it from parents who choose not to breastfeed being BAD or parents who give their kids dummies are LAZY. How is it okay for those things to be written and asked but not this?!

I don’t get it.

Every Vote Counts!

I am not going to beg, I swear. But I would, like really love a few votes for the MAD blog awards. You can click on the lovely badge over there in my sidebar <<<< Only if you want too though…

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I am not one for awards. I usually just quietly sit there and cheer on everyone else from the sidelines. I am not amazing, I may not even be that interesting, but I do love what I do and I work hard to keep my blog alive.

I have tried to write as openly and honestly as I can without making you throw up a little. I want to bring to light just what it feels like to have a degenerative chronic illness like MS. And although you can’t feel it, like in real terms, you can have a glimpse of what its like for us,even just for a second. 

Personally, more recently especially it has been so hard for me to even write up a sentence. With the MS drumming on as usual, it got on top of me. The realisation of the rest of my life, and what it has in store for me, hit. It hit me hard. 

But now I am coming through the other side and this would just be a fantastic thing to have to look forward to, a goal. I like goals, it gives you something to focus on. Whats life without a teeny bit of focus, right?

Can’t hurt to add a touch of cute/guilt into this, right?! 😛


 Now if you can ignore that face and her amazing ability to write that sign, your dead inside. 

Good luck everyone 🙂