Wallaboo Suede Sling Review

The Wallaboo baby slings are really one of a kind. I have tried a couple of slings and carriers in the past with Pop’s none of which I got on with, this one however has been great.

he first thing I loved about this microfibre sling was the easy to follow instructions on the back of the packaging.

It also has a useful instruction manual inside, as this sling enables you to carry baby in three ways.

The Wallaboo sling has 4 fittings so you can have the perfect fit. Please excuse the photos, these last few weeks have been hard.

Once you have found the right size for you, its time to pop baby in. This sling has a blue tag on the front, which is mentioned in the instructions so you can fit them in perfect, it also has Velcro at the front also, so you can loosen it to get baby in and out and also for the different ways you can carry baby.

The first is the sleeping position:

This is great should Beboo need a sleep when we are out and about.

Next is the sitting position:

This one we found great for walking round the house on the days she is teething and clingy. Also as I struggle with stairs the sling makes it safer as I can hold the bannisters knowing she is safe.

Last is the Active position:

Her arms and legs are free but she is firmly attached to mummy!

I really love the Wallaboo sling, the suede fabric means its not also lovely and soft but really strong, so you know baby is really safe.

The Wallaboo sling is suitable for use for babies from 4lbs to 28lbs, so we will still get loads of use out of it.

The most important thing for me is being able to use this with my mobility issues, so using it with my stick or crutches needs to be easy and with the Wallaboo sling it is, especially in the sitting position.

This sling can be found here from Hippychick and retails at £54.95.

This is the perfect sling/carrier for anyone who is thinking about baby carrying, the weight is evenly distributed so babies weight is really not an issue, neither is a bad back!