Graco Evo Mini Stroller – Harlequin

We are very particular about our pushchairs in our house, we like them to be small, easy to push and put down (due to nannies and aunties having the girls too). We were lucky enough to get the Graco Evo Mini stroller to review, my sister who loved the old pushchair was a little skeptical about a new one, but when we got it out the box and put it together that was it. Love at first sight.

evo 2 evo 1


From only £159 it was a great little pushchair for 0 to 3 years old. It was quick and easy to put together just attach the front wheel and hood and we were ready to go within a few minutes, although we did find the straps a little tricky to adjust but we got there in the end. The straps can be moved to three different heights as your child grows. They are also well padded for good comfort when they are asleep.

evo 3 evo 4

It is very easy to push and can be done with one hand so there is a hand free for the all important morning take away coffee. it weighs around 6.2kg so it is easy to pick up once put down and lift into the car.

The wheel at the front it lockable as well as swivel,to suit the needs at the time and it has a good size basket underneath for the shopping which makes a nice change.  The 5 point safety harness is easy to get the little ones in and out of. The seat fully reclines using the drawstring system at the back of the seat, which gives a good sleeping position. The seat itself is well padded on both sides to give extra protection and a comfy ride.

evo 5 evo 6


There is a rain cover included which is always a good thing in Britain as you can guarantee that rain is just round the corner. The rain fits well and keeps does its job. The hood itself also extends further than most do which gives extra protection or just a little more cover when they are sleeping.

It appears to be a smooth ride and when have no complaints so far. The handlebar is also padded, and with a push of the button and one twist the pushchair is down with only one hand. The pushchair comes in different colours to suit all tastes.

evo 7 evo 8


I Want Another Baby

Let me start by saying, I already know how this post will end.

I just hope I am not alone in getting to that ending.

The girls are growing so fast. I know its a total cliche, but they really do grow up before your very eyes. 

I can still remember leaving the hospital with Liv and feeling like my undercarriage was falling out.

I can still remember holding them both in my arms for the very first time. The way they smelt and looked so perfect and innocent.

My girls.

But now they are 3 and 6. Now they don’t lie still, they don’t love cuddles, they don’t like to be sniffed and snuggled.


Now they like to make noise, create chaos and make their presence very well known.

Don’t get me wrong, I love how they are now. But part of me misses those little babies. 

Part of me knows I can have one. I have all the right parts still. Just a little, well, looser?

I could just completely shake up our normal and do it all again.

I really could.

But I can’t.

I know the effects it would have on my MS, which in turn affects the whole family. I would be even less normal than I am now.

I couldn’t face the endless nights awake and I couldn’t let Ben do it all alone. My poor husband has enough to deal with.

I couldn’t suddenly stop all my medication and expect to be okay. And I couldn’t spend as much time going to appointments as I do now with a baby in tow.

As much as every part of me wants just one more. 

Equally those parts don’t.

It just wouldn’t work.

So yeah. I do want another baby. But I also couldn’t think of anything more debilitating to do to this family.

We will have to stay this way…


Just A Little Gift Guide For New Mums or Mums To Be


ISI Mini Buddy Kussen – Animal Pregnancy & Nursing Pillow

This is a great multi use pillow in the shape of an elephant the cover is 100% cotton and is removable and machine washable and for quick drying it can go in the tumble dryer, which can be used from the early stages of pregnancy to feeding your baby. When your little one is learning to sit up this can be used support as if you put the baby between its legs and will stop them from falling. It can also help with strengthening their neck muscles as you can your little one on the pillow whilst they are playing. If your child becomes attached it can be used as a comforter or just as a pillow!! From £29.99

Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

IMG_1835This is a  multifunctional  item for a nursing mum, helping you feel comfortable and able to nurse in public without feeling put off. Made from 100% cotton so is easily washable. With different designs  and with an adjustable neck strap this makes it one size fits all and will also being a secure fit. The neckline helps you to see the baby while feeding. There are 2 handy internal terry cloth pockets for breast pad and dummies and anything else you need to keep in there. It has other uses to like a sunshade for the pushchair or even a front carrier and comes with its own small storage pocket From £28.70


Naif Baby care products

This is a line of personal care products for babies and toddlers made from pure ingredients such as cotton seed oil, IMG_1837sweet almond oil and chamomile to name but a few, all products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and PH skin neutral so suited to babies and adults too. They make everything you will need from Nappy cream at £10, shampoo at £9.95 to milky bath oil at £14.95. They do gift sets for the expectant mum which is a nice idea, to travel kits with all holiday needs ready in one go and travel size to fit easily in the suitcase. Something for need.


Kirkton House Aldi baby products

IMG_1833Yes Aldi do some great baby items whether they are for a gift or just for your baby, with fun designs. A hooded baby towel with a lovely little design for for boy or girl or neutral colours made from 100% cotton and only £3.49 or a fleece blanket for the cot or pushchair with helpful guide to keeping you baby at the correct temperature while sleeping from £2.79.  You always need a muslin cloth and 3 for only £3.29 and 100% cotton these are a great buy. They come in great designs too, and for course the cellular blanket in a range of colours from £2.49


Graham and Brown Wall ArtIMG_1838

Graham and Brown do a large range of products to brighten up any home and all at affordable prices, from wallpaper and canvas prints to paint and cushion in all colours and designs and charters. You will find great ideas, gifts and accessories. They do a great range for themed room products to suit all tastes, if you don’t know whether you’re having a girl or boy there is the Eleflump theme and have everything you need with wallpaper, canvases and even a lampshade and 3d stickers starting from £7.20 you will have a nursery that will look lovely.

IMG_1839Cuddledry bath towel

Looking for something special to give someone who is having a baby or just want a special just for your baby. The Cuddledry bath towel is great for stress-free bathtimes. It’s made from unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibre this gives a silky, soft feeling but still being highly absorbent and quick drying. This apron style towel goes over your head and is attached to you so that your hands are free for bath time, as we never have enough hands when it comes to children!! The double layer system with the hood draws the water away from the baby and hair. It covers and cocoons your baby dry. Can be used from newborn. From £29.49 in a range of colours.

Ke8el 8

This is a little something for mum. The Ke8el 8 is a pelvic floor toner and also a tens machine all in one. Kegel8 has aIMG_1846 unique combination that are clinically proven programs to help you to get your pelvic floor strong and healthy prior to conception to give you effective TENS pain relief during labour and to help you strengthen back up after giving birth.  It uses Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation which is used by sports people and athletes. It takes a 9v battery which is included. Is from around £79.99 It is easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow and explain everything you need to know fully.  You should always check with your Dr before using the Ke8el 8 and read the instructions.

IMG_1845The EasyLock

A revolutionary new invention, The EasyLock, is a gift that everyone of all ages and anywhere in the world would love to receive. This lock, the lightest of its kind in the world, will completely secure the majority of inward opening doors*, anywhere on the globe. The lock provides a brilliant security solution for all travellers, providing extra security in their accommodation whether it’s a hotel, B&B, serviced apartment or beach hut! Priced at just £24.95 it’s a perfect gift for a travel lover.

Baby Annabell, A Fab New Feature

When we were children my sister and I had a babydoll each. We had clothes, a pushchair and pram (my sister still has her doll and she is 37!!! and I have to confess I do still have my pram because it really was the best you could get). I had been looking for ages for a proper babydoll and all the ones I had seen, weren’t quite right, some even looked a little scary and then we had the chance to have a play with this Baby Annabell and I have to say I, along with the girls, were most pleased with her. She has a very sweet face and soft plastic hands and feet, her body is soft (apart from the power pack which isn’t too noticeable). She comes dressed in a pink baby grow along with some other accessories, a bottle, dummy, bib and pendant.

annabell 1

She is just like a real baby. She can suck on her dummy and makes great baby sounds, just like a real baby. When you feed her, her bottle with real water, she moves her mouth and makes drinking sounds which is a great feature, and then afterwards she burps when you pat her back. She will laugh and giggle The best thing the girls loved was that when you rocked Baby Annabell she would yawn and fall asleep, this is a new feature and something both girls took great pleasure in doing. It’s added so much more to the role play aspect of the doll. Both Boo and Pops take great joy in rocking her to sleep, add to that them both insisting on silence and its just perfect!

baby annabell 3 baby annabell 2

She does also cry but you can just stroke her cheek and she will go back to sleep.But you can just wake her back up by lifting her up. She acts like a real newborn baby. She was really easy for the girls to play with and they soon got used to what to do. Every little girl loves to play mummies and babies and this Baby Annabell was perfect for the job.

baby annabell 4

The great thing about Baby Annabell is there is a  full range of clothes and accessories available so there is always something that you can buy to add the collection. So, on birthdays and Christmas you can add to the whole magic of it all.

Baby Annabell from Zapf creations retails for around £38.50 and is for age 3 upwards and requires 4 x AA batteries which are not included. She can be turned on and off with ease.





For a while now we have been trying out some of the fabulous OXO tot range.


The non spill bottle and bowl are fantastic.

Often on a trip out with boo we need to take snacks, snacks that usually go all over the car and don’t really end up in the place they should have been.

So the bowl has a great handle, which is  easy for little hands to hold and then the lid is designed so se can get her little hands in to get the food, but the food won’t suddenly descend onto the floor, no matter how hard she shakes. And trust me. She has.

Then the twist top bottle. Not something you see much these days, but a real classic. Easy for me to open, which lets face it, with my wobbly hands is always a challenge and easy for Pops and Boo to hold. Boo was more into the twist top that Pops, which meant she would actually close it after using it, bonus.

With a twist of the lid the cup becomes completely leak free, in-fact even with the straw up it doesn’t leak. Which for two children prone to bouts of random ‘not sharing’ is perfect.

The OXO tot range is a particular favorite of mine. The products are beautiful and really well made, they can handle all the knocks and bashes of toddler life and still come out the other side, still doing the job. With a wide variety of products from baby to toddler, there really is something for everyone and you can be sure they will last several children. Even mine 😉