Things That Make Me Go Awwww…

Do you know what I hate? I hate looking back, yes I know ‘what a horrible thing to say, however do I live with myself?’  Well before you gallop away, jump off your high horse, pull up a bale and listen.

I hate looking back over memories because they remind me of what I cannot have. Although I am still able to have children, it would do nothing but disable me more and it would not be fair on me or the family.

No accident happening here I’m afraid, its double bagging  belts and braces all the way 😛

You see looking back just makes me miss those early days, those little newborn grunts and endless cuddles. Watching them sleep whilst the sun comes up, I won’t get that again. 

Of course, like any other honest parent, some days I wonder whose idea it was to have children in the first place?! But then I also have those days when I would love to have another.

So I have decided to share a few photos, photos that make me smile but also make me want what I can’t have, curse my womanly wiles! 

Yup that is my boob!!
Yup that is my boob!!

family photo
us together

Story time!
Story time!

Aaawwww you would not see the last one now, there would be claws and screaming!

So, I will now always be a baby free zone!