Barbie Bubble-Tastic Mermaid


Ohh Barbie. How we love you ūüôā

The Barbie Bubble Tastic Mermaid has become a firm favourite for days out in the garden with the girls. Also at bedtime and anytime they feel like making bubbles.

In true Barbie fashion the doll itself is fabulous quality, its sturdy and she is looking fabulous as per usual. But this Barbie is a little different. She comes with a moving fin that creates some amazing bubbles.

Firstly. She was super easy to put together. Liv is 6 and she did it with ease. Secondly, we have had dolls like this before and the bubble quality was poor. I have  to say I was expecting this to be the same straight off the bat, however I was so wrong.

She comes with a tray that is modelled the same shape as the tail, so it makes it super easy to ‘dip’

All you need to do is pop some of the bubble mixture into the tray, dip in Barbie’s tail and pull the pull chord at the back. Barbies tail spins and launches loads of bubbles into the air. The mixture will also last a fair few pulls.

With the hot weather we had so much fun playing with the Barbie Bubble Tastic Mermaid in the garden. She even took a dip into the paddling pool!

We recorded a video which sadly did not pick up the sound. However you can see how easy it is to use and just how many bubbles she makes.

The Barbie Bubble Tastic Mermaid retails for around £20 and is well worth it.

Barbie Super Heroes



Even girls now can be superheroes with the new Barbie in Princess Power. These are a great set of barbie dolls. The princess was kissed by a magical  butterfly and finds out she has special powers and she joins  her super friends to help the kingdom rid itself of the enemies using her special crime-fighting powers and flying around the kingdom, but her jealous cousin catches the butterfly and transforms into dark sparkle.


our little princesses will have hours of fun with this and acting out their own stories and with a dvd with a free barbie mask to accompany this collection of barbies, what more could a girl want from their very own barbie super heros

There is princess power super sparkle. Kara is always ready for her princess duties in a pink gown with full skirt and sheer peplum. but she is always ready for action when her kingdom needs her, by pushing the gem on her bodice she will spin and change into her Super Sparkle, her skirt opens into a sparkly cape she has a pink skirt, utility belt, tall boots and with superhero insignia to complete her Super Sparkle superhero look. She also comes with wrist cuffs, a lightning bolt necklace and tiara that turns into a mask. And with one quick twist of the body she is back to an ordinary princess. The dress can not be removed but it saves it from getting lost.

There are other dolls available, the barbie princess Corinne doll she is the cousin of Kara and too was kissed by the magical butterfly and gets special powers of her own. Press the butterfly on her IMG_1860shoulder to hear a kiss followed by a magical sound her glittery bodice flash with coloured lightning bolts. Dressed in a purple and blue gown with a full skirt and sparkling peplum Her accessories include a purple tiara with lightning bolt cut-out. Dolls are from £16.99

There are more Barbies available from princess power scooter doll Chelsea to a vanity unit which doubles up as mission command center again with one twist. Girls can put their smartphones in the unit to play out superhero missions that are received, the vanity stool doubles up also as a tracking device and computer monitor.also comes with one necklace, one tiara, one brush, one set of wrist cuffs and one mask from £12.95


Barbie #BeSuper

be super

National Superhero day is not just about Batman, Spiderman or Superman it’s about the superheros amongst us in our home too. We have two small ones here of our very own, the girls are superheroes in their own rights and more than a lot of children as due to my MS they have to do more for me than most 3 and 6-year-olds have to do, and also put up with a lot more stopping at their nannies every week, and having my sister look after and do some of things I should be doing but are unable to do. They take it all in their stride that is why they are our superheroes.

We were lucky enough to be given the new Barbie in Power DVD and some of the new Princess Power Barbie dolls to review and party with. I have never thought about it before but there aren’t really many Superheros for girls and this is the start of things to come from Mattel.

In the film Barbie transforms into a superhero and inspires girls to discover their inner strengths and to celebrate the simple and smaller acts of being super. Most superhero stories are based on good Vs evil but not Barbie she uses powers like friendship and forgiveness to defeat her enemies. The film is great and the girls really enjoyed it and love having their very superhero to relate to

Some great dolls have been brought out to accompany the film. There is Princess Power Super Sparkle, Princess Power Corinne Doll and Chelsea Superhero doll. Princess Power Super Sparkle transforms from a pretty princess to a superhero by pushing the gem on her bodice and she spins to reveal a cape with stars and sparkles on it and twist her body back to make her a normal princess again, she has great pink wrist cuffs and a pink tiara that turns into her superhero mask from around £15.49 Chelsea Superhero doll rides a scooter so that she can launch into action quickly. She fits on the scooter and stays there while she rides along, from around £10.00 Princess Power Corinne Doll has lights and sounds and needs batteries that are included. She has a butterfly on her shoulder that when you press you hear a kiss and then her bodice becomes sparkly and flashes and then lighten bolts appear on her. They retail from £11.49 With the dolls the girls can make great stories over and over again they will have hours of fun and will help learn along the way.


Malibu Barbie Dream House

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When we were little we always wanted a Malibu Barbie Dream house, so when the time came, it really was a ‚Äúdream come true‚ÄĚ. ¬†When it arrived in it’s big box, uncle Marcus set to work putting it together. all the parts we very well made and it felt very¬†sturdy, the instructions were very easy to follow and we soon had the dream house coming together very quickly. ¬†The girls were able to help decide where the furniture should go and put the stickers on too.

10337700_10205266667525885_8518657401161760905_n 10424297_10205266665445833_8071791577173602383_n

This two-story house has all the features that your little girl will recognize, from the Barbie Life Dream House web series. The house has 6 rooms including the bathroom, living room and kitchen it comes with some great furniture like the very glamorous outside table and chairs for Barbie to enjoy sitting outdoors with her friends. Also,  included with the dream house is some great accessories, like a table setting, water bottles and a pizza! The house comes a unique plug n play feature so the pieces will stay in place and not get lost, great idea in our house. There is a great chandelier to make the beach house that little bit more special for

The house comes a unique plug n play feature so the pieces will stay in place and not get lost, great idea in our house. There is a great chandelier to make the beach house that little bit more special for Barbie. The house has working doors too. The Malibu house has lovely details all around to make the ideas flow for creating their favorite Barbie stories.


The upstairs, via the grand spiral staircase is an aquarium column, this is a great feature to the house. Also, there is a bedroom with a lovely bed which folders away to become Barbie’s very own wardrobe to keep all her clothes safe and also a shower. ¬†Another great feature is in barbies family room she can actually sit and watch a real tv, this is where you can place a smart phone and then becomes babies very own tv.

Lots of accessories for the whole of the house. The Malibu Barbie Dream House the folders away with all the accessories and furniture inside to keep everything safe and to make for easy storage too. Suitable for age 3+ and retails from £55

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Barbie Flippin Pup Pool Party

We are big Barbie fans in our house and even bigger fans of all things small, so when we were given the chance to have a play with the Barbie Flippin Pup Pool party, we were all very excited.


The lovely pink pool, which can be filled with water, comes with the Barbie Doll Chelsea and her three puppies, a great slide to attach to the pool and a diving board. There are lovely little touches all the over the pool and the slide with bows and hearts to give it that special ¬†look. It’s all very easy to put together and holds together very well even when the water in the pink pool.


Chelsea comes with her costume, rubber ring and her dolphin toy which are both permanently attracted to Chelsea, this is a great feature, when you squeeze Chelsea’s inner tube the dolphin when sprays water out its month, water fights all round as two of the dogs that come with the Flippin Pup Pool also have water spray back feature so that they can get their own back on Chelsea when she starts the water fight.

Taffy the dog has a special skill, he does actual flips so when you put her at the top of the slide and let her go she will go down the slide and ‚Äúflip‚ÄĚ into the pool filled with water. All the dogs can jump off the diving board in the pool when you push the lever as well as using the slide. There is are dog bone-shaped water raft for the pups to take a rest in while the other pups are having fun.

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This is a great toy for in or out of the bath and a great addition to any little girls Barbie collection it for ages 3 and over retails from  £16.71