First Farmyard Puzzle From GALT

I love GALT toys, they are always super bright, attractive and easy for kids to play with, so when I heard about the new toys from DR Mirian @ GALT, I knew we had to give it a try.

There are so many wonderful toys to choose from on the website, however we were sent the First Farmyard Puzzle for 12+ months.

farm 2


Beboo doesn’t really have many puzzles as Pops lost all the pieces when she was little, so this was perfect.

The animals are large enough her to recognise with ease,and the handles on the pieces make it easy for her little hands to grab. She has had much fun investigating, making the sounds and putting the right animal in the right hole.

farm 3 farm 1


Dr Mirian @ GALT toys believe that children should learn through play, so each toy has been designed with that in mind. There are so many toys to choose from and each one has both learning and play at the heart.

This range from GALT is fab, the toys are both affordable and great for the little ones. As Beboo is still putting everything in her mouth, she has also taken great joy in chewing each animal until suitably soggy. This however has not affected them whatsoever, a great bonus for me!

She’s Still A Baby!

I forget, she’s still a baby so won’t magically start conversing with me or doing something just because I tell her to.

I think the reason I forget is that I was just so used to having Pop’s. She was beyond her years, and I had gotten used to the fact that she was becoming her own person. So I just expect Beboo to do more because of this, so often need to sit back and remind myself that she is still a baby.

She’s like 18 months old, give or take, so really hasn’t been on the planet that long.

I can’t be the only parent who forgets that they are still young?

I don’t mean to, it just happens. I wonder why she doesn’t talk more or stop eating the curtains when I tell her not to. I wonder why everything is still put into her mouth, remotes, my phone and usually the post.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want her to be older or grow up quickly, I simply forget that she is not the same as her sister. Plus to me it might feel like forever, but really its only been those few 18 months since she popped into the world.

Really makes you think and stoping wanting so much out of them. I mean Pop’s is four, acts so much older, yet still four. So she is also still so young, which means she still has so much more learning and exploring to do.

So, although she can walk….

beboo walking

Eat a whole apple….


AND steal the party food….

party food

She is still my baby and I just need to remember that!

Stacks ‘O’ Fun Bathy Time Review

When it comes to bathy time, Beboo is like a watch, she makes her beeline straight the to bathroom ready for splash time. I cannot stress enough how important bath toys are to her and her sister, they literally are a make or break thing in this house and without them bath time would just be about being clean. No-one needs that!

So when the chance came to  review the stacks ‘o’ fun bath stacking set from B kids, we literally splashed at the chance.



This set is great, super colourful so bound to be a hit with young and old (me) and the design is amazing, we have created several water tower master pieces and had hours of fun making it rain with all the little holes in each segment. Each cup has different textured edges which is great for a child of Beboo’s age. Also the smallest cup has a spinning ball which goes round when the water flows through, its little things like this babies love.

stack inside
All inside each other
stack tower
The mega stacking tower!

With Beboo and Pop’s being different ages it was really nice to see how they played with it together. Pop’s did the building and Beboo did the whole destroy and chew thing…

DSCN0149 DSCN0152


Then came the whole rain thing, she loved watching it pour through the holes because unlike her elder sister, she is not scared of water in her face!!



We had loads of fun with the stacks ‘o’ fun toy and I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a bath toy or simply some great stacking cups. They retail at £6.99 and are available toy buy online at these stores; Amazon, lambs Toys, Sainsburys & Baby Security and in Toymaster Stores Nationwide.

Bkids do a wide variety of toys for all different ages and I really do believe they bring something different to play time.


Now if you are a parent and you tell me you don’t ever feel like all you ever say is NO then I simply do not believe you. In fact, I will most probably pull and a face and leave.

These days, with both the girls walking around, pushing, pulling and jumping on each other, the only word I seem to shriek say is NO. And as much I would like to say I have the patience of a saint, I simply don’t and the whole thing is driving me insane.

I could literally climb the walls some days.

Truth is, I have no idea how to deal with it, I know people will say it and I know its true, the whole ‘they grow out of it’ thing, but right now THAT DOES NOT HELP.

Also, my girls are fairly robust and they don’t like to disappoint, so my bet is they simply will not stop.

Partly because the enjoy taunting me. Well, okay mostly for this reason.

I wonder if they are the only children who truly enjoy annoying the shit out of each other? Is it just my odd yet masterful children?!

Is it?!

Some days I literally dread the screams, lets face it girl screams are the worst. They seem to want to start from the get go, or the ‘get up’ in there case. Then the hair pulling and toy stealing begins. Pop’s looking out the corner of her eye to see if you are looking and Beboo doing it regardless because she simply could not care less if you saw. There is simply no way to discipline a one year old, all they are interested in is pooing and finding some old manky hidden food to eat.

Yeh, Beboo tends to laugh when I tell her no, so that is no use. But I know behind those eyes she is plotting her next attack, whether it be to me or her sister is another matter, she delivers no warning. She has learnt the art of stealth and she knows she is way to cute to be guilty.

I genuinely believe she will think her and Pop’s name is NO.

Right Beboo is frowning at me so I must get ready for the next barrage of abuse.

If you can’t be bothered to send help, send cake at least!!!!